Friday, September 4, 2020

Take It Easy!

Bearhugs, bodyslams, and backbreakers probably are my favorite pro-style wrestling moves.  And when you see them in a match featuring two good looking wrestlers, it's a winning combination.  This is what we get in a match between Scrappy and Reyes Valenti at  Wrestler4Hire.  With a couple of piledrivers thrown in, too, this video pretty much checks all my boxes.

The set up for this video is Cameron Matthews bringing young Reyes Valenti to the ring so veteran Scrappy can show him a few things.  Cameron cautions Scrappy to "take it easy" on his young protege.  But for Scrappy, there is no "easy" in wrestling.  He's only got an on/off switch.  And when he's "on", it's bearhugs, bodyslams, and backbreakers for poor Reyes.  "This isn't easy!" Reyes groans after the first backbreaker, but Scrappy just keeps at it.  From outside the ring, we hear Cameron yelling at Scrappy, reminding him to take it easy.  "I promised his mom I'd have him back home in one piece!" Cameron shouts while Reyes gets the crap beaten out of him.  Scrappy just can't help himself.

By the way, in my last post I suggested that Scrappy is one of the best at over-the-knee backbreakers, and he does nothing in this match to prove me wrong.  As for Reyes Valenti, this is the first match of his I have checked out, and I must say I like what I see.  While not as jacked as Scrappy, Reyes has a smooth, muscular body, and he boasts boyish good looks.  He suffers well at the hands of Scrappy, but Reyes has some decent size, too.  I see the potential in him to dish out beahugs, bodyslams, and backbreakers of his own on a smaller opponent.  (I hope W4H takes the hint.)

One final note -- this video really is two matches in one, because halfway through Cameron gets in the ring and goes after Scrappy when the muscleboy refuses to "take it easy" on Reyes.  That part of the match will deserve another post some day.  All in all, this video is well worth the price of admission.

 Hey, Scrappy, we told you to take it easy!


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    1. Tons of great moves and holds by Scrappy in this match, and both wrestlers look good in front of the camera. It was hard deciding which pics to choose from.