Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gorilla Press - Part 3

A lot of bodybuilders are going to the Internet and creating sites, often times to promote themselves and raise money to further their bodybuilding careers. Many like to show off their strength by pressing other dudes overhead. Some guys, like Jesse Godderz and Kyle Stevens, have even moved on to pro wrestling or wrestling video sites. It's clear they love their muscles. I wonder how you apply to be a liftee for one of these muscleheads.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gorilla Press - Part 2

Although pro wrestling has given us the gorilla press for a while, in recent years, many internet video wrestling companies have also gotten into the act. As a result, some of my favorite muscle stud wrestlers like Aryx Quinn, Braden Charron, and Alexi Adamov have hoisted overhead some of their hapless opponents. I can hardly wait to see who's next.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gorilla Press

The ultimate of bodyslams has to be the gorilla press (aka military press and overhead press). The strength, the power, the complete domination when a muscleman wrestler hoists his opponent fully over his head. It's an impressive sight. It's one of the best gifts pro wrestling has given to the wrestling world.

Amateur Wrestling

You can bodyslam a guy during a scripted pro wrestling match. Even horsing around with your buddy you can hoist him up into the air. But it is rare to see someone get scooped up like this in a real amateur wrestling match. In the many matches I've witnessed, I've seen it happen only once. On occasion I even tried to do so while wrestling in high school, but I was never able to complete the move by lifting my opponent up with what looked like a pro-style bodyslam. The photo above is not a real amateur wrestling match, but seeing the guys in singlets, it looks close. If you got a photo or a video of a good amateur wrestling bodyslam, I'd love to see it.