Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Power of Wrestling

It's time to get in one last post for 2011. This picture shows a lot about why I love wrestling. It's the strength, the muscles, the intensity, the holds, the grabs, the lifts, the male body on body contact, and finally, the culmination when one muscle dude prevails by dominating another muscle dude. This is Marcus Anthony of Ohio Valley Wrestling pressing fellow stud wrestler Joe Coleman overhead. My other post about Marcus shows him pressing Coleman too. I don't know if the photos are from the same match or if Coleman just has to be Marcus' boy toy night after night in the ring (based on this video my guess is boy toy). I have to admit, I'm having a hard time deciding which dude I envy more here.

Party hardy boys! And have a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kurt Sterling

Christmas falls in the middle of wrestling season. For the high school or college wrestler, Christmas season is spent wrestling, working out, wrestling, training, wrestling, cutting weight, and, finally, wrestling. The past couple of years have really been eye opening. When the holiday season rolls around, I can now take part in the festivities, with the brownies and chili cook offs and bacon-wrapped shrimp and bourbon (lots and lots of bourbon), among other things. I don't really know where I'm going with this other than I want to get in another post before succumbing to all the holiday festivities (especially the bourbon). Back in November I featured Robert Anthony of Cyberfights in a post that talked about tall wrestlers. Another tall dude who wrestles and appears in several Cyberfights matches is Kurt Sterling, coming in at 6' 2" and 225 pounds. He dishes out some pretty good looking bodyslams. Anybody know if he's still wrestling these days?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ryan Nemeth

There's a perception out there that wrestlers are just dumb jocks. I remember back in high school someone sneering "You're a wrestler. What are you doing in AP history?" The student in me wanted to ace the class to show him up. The wrestler in me wanted to pick him up and bodyslam him for his insolence (which would have been much more fun). Now, I know there are wrestlers who are meatheads, but I've also known other meatheads who weren't wrestlers or even jocks, my point being that wrestling and smarts aren't mutually exclusive. In fact, wrestling is like a chess match, and you've got to be able to think several moves ahead, and all in a fraction of a second, too. It helps to have some brains when you go out onto a wrestling mat. This rambling introduction brings me to the main subject of my post - Ryan Nemeth. He formerly wrestled at Ohio Valley Wrestling, and now he is at Florida Championship Wrestling under the name Briley Pierce. Nemeth definitely is no dumb jock. He's got a masters degree in English. During college he was involved in theater where he wrote, directed, and acted in a variety of productions (probably comes in handy in the theater that is pro wrestling). He wrote humor pieces for his college newspaper, and he's even published a novel. Nemeth shows that brains and wrestling can go hand in hand. With that said, I like that he wears a singlet in the wrestling ring (even if he doesn't quite display it in regulation fashion). Despite his other accomplishments, he wants you to make no mistake that he's a wrestler.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dominic vs. Batar

In my last post I recommended checking out Thunders Arena to see a variety of muscle boys gorilla pressing a variety of other muscle boys. Perhaps to prove my point, TA just posted a preview video of a match between Dominic and Batar. Not long ago I featured The Dominator, and he's winning big points with me again with a beautiful gorilla press on Batar. And Batar is no slouch himself. You can see him in my very first post executing the perfect bodyslam. The fierce look here on Dominic's face compliments the raw muscular power of the gorilla press. And I also like Batar's "what the fuck!" expression. Batar's right to be surprised because he's ten pounds bigger than Dominic, but Dominic has no problem proving he's the alpha wrestler. One thing about TA is that they like to set up their wrestling matches with a little humor. Here, this all began after Batar burned the pizza Dominic was going to eat for dinner (see what all Ringside has to say about it). So, now you have another way to get yourself pressed overhead. Just find some college muscle jock, burn his dinner, and soon you may experience the joys of flying.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Fallen Angel

I've featured the gorilla press in my blog on several occasions. I think most fans of professional wrestling would agree that the gorilla press is the ultimate male display of strength and power. There isn't much in wrestling that looks more awesome than seeing a muscle stud pick up and press overhead another piece of man muscle. Most fans of pro wrestling are guys, and I suspect most have wondered what it would be like to be pressed overhead by another dude. Very few will get to experience something like that. But opportunities do exist, especially if you're a mouthy, muscled up 135 pound dude and you work for a wrestling company that features bodybuilders. This is just a long introduction to wrestler Angel of Thunders Arena. This little guy is a real scrapper and doesn't hesitate to go up against the big guys. Unfortunately for him (or maybe fortunately), he often finds himself eight feet up in the air and poised to be slammed hard onto the ground. If you're a dude with fantasies of being gorilla pressed by a musclebound wrestler, then Angel is living your dream. (Note: If you like the gorilla press, then you need to check out Thunders Arena. There's much more there than just Angel being hoisted overhead.)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dylan Bostic

Recently I've highlighted the wrestling mega-studs of Ohio Valley Wrestling like Jason Wayne, Rocco Bellagio, and Marcus Anthony. But these guys wouldn't be the muscle heels we love to see without one key component -- the Jobber. That's where Dylan Bostic comes in. He's there to make these big guys look good. The funny thing is, at 5'11" and 190 pounds, he'd probably be the stud in most of life's situations. But when he steps into the ring to face a 240 pound, muscle bound pro wrestler, he just becomes a play thing for the Heel. Dylan can be seen in my last post as the first guy being gorilla pressed by Marcus Anthony. Above we see a few more shots of him as he anxiously contemplates the next few seconds when his back slams hard against the wrestling mat. The life of a jobber has got to be tough. Do you let your girlfriend know what you do? You certainly don't want your buddies to see you get humiliated like this. For his sake, I hope Dylan is just putting in time as a jobber and that bigger and better things await him in his professional wrestling career.

HEY GUYS!! Tell me what you think. You like my posts? Should I just shut up? Feel free to share your own thoughts by leaving comments. I love to hear what others have to say.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Marcus Anthony

And now for the most badass muscle beast of all from Ohio Valley Wrestling, Marcus Anthony. For some reason he's no longer listed on the OVW roster, so I'm not sure what his stats are, but clearly he's a monster when compared to his feeble competition. The bodybuilder's physique and intense gaze are fierce enough, but I think it's his fauxhawk that completes the package of a totally intimidating wrestling beast. Sometimes my imagination takes a hold with these posts, and here I see what looks like some sadistic fraternity hazing ritual gone to extremes. The brothers of Pi Kappa Slamma assemble a wrestling ring out behind the house and order all their fresh, young corn fed pledges into the ring one by one to wrestle this guy. The end result is a foregone conclusion as each pledge gets pressed overhead in humiliating fashion, his masculinity crushed and dignity stripped, all for the perverted entertainment of the "brothers." I think I'll pledge a different fraternity.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rocco Bellagio

Another beast of a wrestler at Ohio Valley Wrestling is Rocco Bellagio. He comes in at 6'4" and 240 pounds. I mean, this guy is so bad ass he doesn't hesitate to easily scoop up fellow OVW wrestling beast Jason Wayne (second and fourth pictures). The muscled up dude in the third picture is Alex Silva, who at 6 foot and 200 pounds is no slouch either, but Rocco looks like he's just taking a stroll in the park with him. I love seeing these big guys in action like this.

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Beast of Louisville

I need to head down to Louisville some time and check out Ohio Valley Wrestling, and in particular Jason Wayne. This guy's a beast. He loves to lift and slam other dudes, as we see him here humiliating a diverse array of wrestling opponents. When you want to wrestle with the big boys, you better prepare yourself for this type of reception. It's fun to be the heel.