Monday, September 10, 2018

Backbreaker Monday

It's time again for another Backbreaker Monday post to pay homage to that awful first day of the week when we have to go back to work.  The sponsor for today's Backbreaker Monday is No Rules Wrestling, which recently produced a match featuring our favorite hero David Calbrese breaking the back of Lorenzo Smalls.  When it comes to an over the knee backbreaker, Calbrese is one of the best in the business.  Be sure to check out NRW.  For a limited time only, all matches are only five dollars!

Ouch!  That's how I felt after last night's Bears vs Packers game.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Who's the Boss?

Cameron Matthews is a long time underground wrestler having appeared in matches at BG East and Thunders Arena, among other places.  Now he runs Wrestler4Hire where he even sometimes appears in matches.  What an awesome way to make a living!  But surely Cameron is not the only guy to create an internet wrestling company in which he gets to be a wrestler.  That makes me wonder if any of the wrestlers we see perform at places like Thunders Arena, UCW, 88 Wrestling, and so on are also the dudes behind the scene who really run things.  And what about Muscleboy Wrestling, whose CEO is self proclaimed "bad ass" Rocco Russo?  I'm convinced Rocco Russo is a wrestler at Muscleboy, but which one?  After checking out a lot of Muscleboy matches this year, I've got my suspicions.  First I zeroed in on Taylor Reign.  He's appeared in a lot of matches, almost twenty, which is something you would expect the owner of Muscleboy to do if he's also a wrestler.  Plus, we have seen Taylor dominate the muscular looking Justin Powers, because maybe Justin knew better than to beat up on his own boss?  But then I get to thinking about Jesse Zane, who has appeared in over thirty matches, by far the most at Muscleboy.  If Jesse created Muscleboy as a venue for his own wrestling, then it makes sense he would appear in so many matches.  And Jesse definitely looked like the bossman when he destroyed Logan Cross.

This is just a long introduction to my post here about a match at Muscleboy between Nick Flex and Connor O'Reilly.  See, I think Nick Flex has got a strong claim to be the real Rocco Russo, too.  To date he has appeared in sixteen videos, so he's one of the more frequent wrestlers on the roster, something you expect from the owner.  And Nick dominates, because maybe no one wants to mess with the boss?  I've posted about his matches against Alex Costa and Taylor Reign, and Nick really savors his domination in those matches while his opponents just endure, like they know they have to submit.  Of course, Nick is big and powerful, so he needs no excuse to demolish another wrestler.  Here are some pics from another match of Nick's, against wrestling boytoty Connor O'Reilly who Nick really seems to take pleasure in playing with (afterall, that's what you do with a toy).  While this does not prove that Nick Flex is Rocco Russo, if I were the CEO of Muscleboy, I certainly would make sure to get my choice of wrestling opponents, with Connor O'Reilly being near the top of the list.

Who's the boss?  Connor has no doubt it's Nick Flex!