Sunday, January 13, 2019

The New Boy Toy

Back in the earlier days of Thunders Arena, there was always one wrestler who was what I called the "Boy Toy" -- a smaller wrestler who often was no more than just a play thing for the bigger muscle studs at TA.  The Boy Toy often found himself high in the air, pressed overhead by the many powerful bodybuilders on the TA roster.  Older examples of the Boy Toy included Tak and Angel.  But I thought TA had moved beyond this gimic, and the Boy Toy character was no more.  Well, the other day while looking through some of my favorite photos from TA, I had a "holy crap!" moment.  It hit me that Blayne is the new Boy Toy!  How could I have missed this?  Blayne is no newcomer at Thunders Arena, and he's been gorilla pressed by some of TA's finest.  I am a professionally trained blogger, so I need to start paying better attention to these kind of things!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Ethan is Strong

Here are some more pics from 88Westling's awesome match featuring Rex Bedford and Ethan Andrews.  My last post was about Rex whose name means "king."  Today we're going to highlight Ethan, because I don't want to give you the wrong impression that this match was nothing more than Rex tossing Ethan about the ring.  No sir, Ethan is no one's whipping boy!  His name, by the way, means "strong" (or at least that's what came up when I googled it), and "strong" is definitely the right adjective for our Ethan Andrews.  He's strong enough to get into the ring to fight King Rex for the title belt, which is a tough feat for any mere mortal.  And from the pictures above, you can see that Ethan is physically strong.  He knows how to make another wrestler suffer, and suffer indeed did Rex at the hands of strong Ethan.  Why, Ethan is . . . well, he's . . . he's . . . oh fuck it!  That's enough about Ethan.  I want to get back to how awesome Rex is!

Ethan may be strong, but Rex is no pushover himself.  Ethan finds this out the hard way many times when bad boy Rex slams his sorry ass.  Yes, Ethan may be strong, but is he strong enough to overthrow the King?  King Rex isn't going to turn over the throne without a fight.

King Rex honors his fans by declaring today another Backbreaker Monday!

Friday, January 4, 2019

Rex is King

A couple of weeks ago, 88Wrestling was kind enough to send me a preview of its new King of the Ring 2 match featuring Rex Bedford and Ethan Andrews.  While I am a big fan of Rex, my views on Ethan Andrews are somewhat lukewarm, so I guess I was not in a real hurry to watch it.  But now that I finally got around to it, holy shit!!  This match blew me away!  While Ethan may not be high on my list of favorites, he clearly is a skilled wrestler with tons of experience.  And when you put him in the ring with another wrestler of the same caliber like Rex (who is very high on my list of favorites), the end result is one of the best matches I've seen from 88Wrestling.

There are great moves here by both guys, but this post is all about Rex (maybe later I'll share some of Ethan's highlights).  "King of the Ring" is a great title for the match since "Rex" means king, and Rex is here to defend his throne, or rather his title belt.  Just seeing Rex in the top photo with the belt, you know it's going to take someone with pretty big cojones to step into the ring to try to take it from him.  Rex just impresses me as a wrestler.  He's got the muscular, shredded body, a strong MMA backround, and he rocks those camo tights.  And Rex is not shy when it comes to bodyslams and backbreakers, which gives me a great reason to show off his awesomeness in my blog.  I don't do my "wrestler of the year" award anymore, but if I did, the 2018 award likely would go to Rex, with his performance in this match sealing the deal.

Watching Rex break Ethan's back puts me in my happy place. 

For additional commentary about this match, check out Joe's Ringside blog.