Tuesday, September 15, 2015


A large chunk of talent at Thunders Arena comes in the form of bodybuilders, and lately one in particular has made several appearances.  You probably know the dude I'm talking about.  It's Dozer, the 5'10" 230 pound muscle stud on display above.  Outside wrestling, he's an accomplished competitive bodybuilder (like I need to point that out).  But Dozer is one of those guys who likes to do more than just flex his big muscles.  He likes to show them off by dominating other dudes in wrestling.  Although he wrestled in a ring a while ago for No Rules Wrestling as The Ox (see third pic above), at TA Dozer's action mainly has been on the mats with just a few lift and carry type moves thrown in to show off his power.  But not long ago the Arena announced it had a wrestling ring, and I think Dozer can make himself a nice home in that type of setting.  Let's hope TA turns Dozer loose in the ring so he can wreak pro-style wrestling havoc on many hapless opponents.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Back to School

It's back to school time, and not just for all the boys and girls in the neighborhood.  Even wrestlers need to get their education, and No Rules Wrestling has a couple of new students eager to learn the ropes.  Who better to teach them than professor Dave Calbrese?  The first two pics above show Calbrese teaching Master Chase a thing or two, and the other pics feature Sean Quick learning the hard way what life is like in the NRW schoolyard, better known as the wrestling ring.  Master Chase appears to be about the same size as Calbrese, but that doesn't prevent him from getting tossed about by the professor.  In contrast, Sean Quick is a pretty small dude who gives up at least forty pounds to his teacher.  The size disparity really shows when Calbrese does arm curls with his student.  Maybe Calbrese assumes the role of bully here instead of the teacher.  It's a tough lesson for the little guy, but it's not his first at NRW.  Quick also received some instruction from a wrestler closer to his size in the form of Matt Meadlock, but seems he didn't fare so well in that class either.

Looks like the education of Sean Quick will be long and arduous.  And seriously, dudes, Matt Meadlock looks like a total beast here.  Fucking awesome.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Justin Springer

I was going to do a post today about it being Labor Day in the US and how it's really a holiday with very little labor because most people don't have to go to work.  And then I was going to point out that in Canada they do have to work today, and then use that as a lead in to feature the "labors" of Canadian wrestler Justin Springer (also known as Justin Sane).  But you know what?  It's a holiday today in Canada, too, but just to be different they like to spell it "Labour" (those crazy Canadians, I tell you).  Anyway, here's Canadian wrestler Justin Springer in action.  He comes in at 6' and 215 pounds with a lot of muscle.  And with this muscle, Justin likes to dish out the kind of power move punishment on his opponents that we love to see.  Your hard labours are well spent, Justin.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Where's Cody?

I came across these pictures recently.  They come from a match at Thunders Arena between Cody Nelson and Bam Bam that's probably a couple years old at least.  Cody was an early favorite wrestler in this blog.  He's even the dude in my profile picture setting up a nice looking bodyslam on his brother.  Cody appeared in several wrestling matches at Rock Hard Wrestling where he established himself as an alpha dog while helping the new RHW make a name for itself.  You can also find Cody in a few more matches at TA.  But it's been a few years since I've seen him in any new wrestling action, so I guess he has moved on to other things.  I know he's been a featured male model at All American Guys, which you can see below, and I hear he's now getting into acting.  If we're lucky, maybe Cody will return to the wrestling ring again sometime soon just to give his fans one more show.  If you're out there somewhere reading this, Cody, how about it?

By the way, Cody isn't the only wrestler featured in this blog who has appeared on sites like All American Guys.  Can you find some of the others?