Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Danie Dharma

I was tempted to title this post "Revenge of the Nerd" but then decided that it's probably not a good idea to call the wrestling beast we see here a nerd.  Danie Dharma is an accomplished bodybuilder from Singapore, having won the title Mr Singapore in 2016.  In the match pictures above, Dharma recently makes his pro wrestling debut with Singapore Pro Wrestling under the name Destroyer Dharma.  His opponent is Rowdy Ranga from India, and from the looks of these pics, I'd say "Destroyer" is a good name for Dharma in the ring.  I love it when bodybuilders turn to wrestling.  Big muscles may be nice to look at, but when the posing is over, why not put them to good use by bodyslamming other dudes?  Dharma has in interesting backstory, too. As a kid in high school, he was very small and severely bullied.  He ultimately channeled his anger and frustration into bodybuilding, and now he gets to further direct that fury by pounding his ring opponents.  From the looks of it, maybe Rowdy Ranga was one of Dharma's bullies who finds out the hard way that skinny guys in high school don't always stay so skinny.

This was just Dharma's first match, and I can't wait to see more of him in action.  Let's hope he uses those muscles to gorilla press a few dudes in the process.  Good luck Danie!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Cyber Monday

Thunders Arena has been showcasing a ton of muscle lately.  I can't imagine how many turkeys TA went through last week to feed its talent.  All those growing boys need their protein to fuel those massive muscles.  I hope to do a more detailed post later about the amazing matches TA has produced recently, but first I want to give you a heads up about TA's Cyber Monday sale, which features some of this muscle that I'm talking about.  It's a muscle worship themed match featuring Scrappy, Dolf, and Mark Muscle.  Scrappy in his own right is deserving of some muscle worship, but next to the other two beasts, Scrappy definitely looks like the little wimp.

Check out the link here for more information and to see a preview of the action.  The deal is this match becomes available with any purchase of another match on Cyber Monday.  Thanks Thunders Arena!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Wrestling Angel

A few months ago I mentioned in a post that I had created a fictional wrestling league called Muscle Beach Wrestling.  It's like Rock Hard Wrestling or Thunders Arena and features wrestlers who are primarily fitness and underwear models.  I put two dudes in the ring and write up a scenario on how the match goes.  Of course, the matches feature lots of bodyslams and other pro style moves.  Here's a little sample from a match that pits Angel Hernandez (5' 8" 160#) against Joseph Ng (5' 5" 125 #), with artwork provided by 09tuf of Deviant Art to help bring the action to life:

"This contest is memorable for Angel, not only because he makes his debut at MBW, but it's also his 18th birthday.  Angel has no pro ring experience, but he's the captain of his elite high school wrestling team, so he's no stranger to the sport.  He faces Josepg Ng, who is six years his senior.  Joseph already has five matches under his belt at MBW in addition to his time as one of the few pro wrestlers in Singapore, so he's got experience that the teen wrestler lacks.  But at only 125 pounds, Joseph gives up a huge 35 pound advantage to the strapping youth.  Can Joseph's experience be enough to overcome Angel's size?

Angel stands in the ring, barefoot and clad in nothing but a pair of black Calvin Klein low rise trunks with a white waistband.  The birthday boy exudes youth with his clean cut looks and smooth muscles.  He anxiously awaits his opponent.  Joseph enters the room and confidently climbs into the ring to face Angel.  The Asian wrestler sports gray trunks for the match.  The two wrestlers face each other, with Angel's nervous anticipation in contrast to Joseph's coolness. . . ."

". . . The series of slams and throws has taken its toll, and Joseph offers little resistence when Angel brings him to his feet again.  Joseph only struggles lightly when Angel slides his arm between the Asian’s legs again and secures a crotch hold.  Joseph feels the teen wrestler’s hand clamp his butt, their bodies pressed together chest to chest, and then Joseph is off the ground and up into the air again.  “Fuck!” Joseph curses as he feels Angel’s arm cinching tightly in his crotch.  The 24 year old wrestler kicks his legs and squirms, but he’s no match for the power of the 18 year old carrying him around the ring.    . . ."

". . . The teen wrestler takes a quick predatory walk around his fallen victim, growling and flexing, before pulling him to his feet.  Yet again the Latino takes a deep and deliberate hold through Joseph’s legs and hoists him into the air.  Joseph just lies limp in Angel’s arms, only his legs twitching everytime he feels Angel’s muscles flexing in his crotch.  It’s another beautiful lift and hold, and Angel takes Joseph on a parade around the mat, savoring every moment of his alpha male domination. . . ."

". . . Angel yanks Joseph back up, reaches in and places his hand squarely between the legs.  Joseph is totally caught off guard when the teen wrestler next picks him up and presses his 125 pounds body overhead in a full military press.  It’s total domination, and Angel feels a rush like he’s never felt in high school wrestling as he holds his opponent up high.  The teen is young, he’s strong, and this is where his 35 pound advantage really shows itself.  “Bloody hell!” Joseph exclaims as he finds himself held high above Angel’s head. . . ."

Anyway, there you have it.  In the end, Angel uses his muscles and size advantage to overcome the smaller but more experienced Joseph.  I just provided some highlights of the match here, but you can fill in the gaps with the holds and moves you want to see between these two dudes.  And I'd like to hear your version of the wrestling action.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

November to Remember

Every year No Rules Wrestling puts on its November to Remember series which features a new video every day of the month.  Several of the matches this year show Matt Meadlock wrestling Surfer Slim.  Meadlock is a longtime wrestler at NRW, but Surfer Slim is a new face.  NRW promotes Slim as a ripped young fighter who shows promise and can take quite a beating.  I'm not sure about the showing promise part, but here Slim does take quite a beating in a spine torture match.  In my book there's no better way to torture another dude's spine than with an OTK backbreaker.  Well done, Meadlock.

If the NRW bosses are reading this, can we see Lorenzo Smalls deliver some spine busting punishment on Slim, too?

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Shoulder Day

Today was shoulder day at the gym, so I got to work with my new instructional weight lifting video from Thunders Arena.  Now I'm sore as fuck but can't complain about the results I'm seeing.  I'm getting swoll, dudes.