Monday, October 24, 2016

Tanner Hill

Tanner Hill is a new wrestler at Rock Hard Wrestling, and by the looks of him I'd say he's got a good future in the ring ahead of him.  He understands where the money is in this industry, and it's in muscle.  RHW obviously realizes this, too, as they tout the new guy as an up and coming teen bodybuilder.  In a recent match against Wes Richards, Tanner doesn't hesitate to share his thoughts on how to build muscle.  He mocks Wes for jumping around doing his crossfit exercises, and he points out that lifting weights is the way to build those biceps.  And like the good muscleboy that he is, Tanner does more than just talk.  He first demonstrates by pumping some iron, and then later in the match he works out those biceps by lifting Wes.  "I can carry you around all day like this!" Tanner gloats.  Oh, if only he did.  Opinions may differ on whether crossfit or simple weight lifting is the better road to a muscled physique.  You may even disagree with Tanner's own view on the subject, but you can't argue with his results:

Friday, October 14, 2016

Lift and Carry

Enjoy these action shots from a match at Thunders Arena between Dozer and Frey (Austin Cooper).  It's a contest featuring muscles of epic proportion (but you can say that about any match where Dozer wrestles).  Among the many things I love about wrestling is lift and carry.  That should come as no surprise since my blog really is a celebration of the lift and carry in wrestling.  I love it when I lift and carry another dude, and I love it when another dude lifts and carries me.  I love seeing other wrestlers lift and carry each other.  You may wonder, what's the point, really?  Why train so hard to be a wrestler?  Why work out and lift weights?  Why build big mucles?  Well, you build big muscles not only because they make you look good, but because you want to put them to use.  You want to dominate another dude in a match.  You want to show off your strength and power by lifting him up and carrying him around before you slam him hard to the mat.  And when the match is over, you want to be the Alpha male who gets to do this:

So, to be honest, that's really the point of it all.  For a wrestler, everything else is secondary.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Pressing Times

At work today there was a group of people engaging in their neverending conversation about the upcoming election.  And one guy, who is always overly dramatic and a general downer, sighed and shaking his head said, "These are pressing times."  Well, I don't know exactly what he intended by that statement, but for me, it brought to mind much happier thoughts.  I think these pictures give you an idea of what I was thinking about.

Yes, pressing times indeed.  And if you are looking for an escape from the campaign, be sure to check out Thunders Arena, which is the source for the awesome pics above of badboy Steel in action.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Braden for Hire

Some time ago I mentioned that Cameron Mathews was putting together a website to market pro-style wrestling matches that he's producing.  The website has developed and matured over time so that today we have a pretty cool product called Wrestler4Hire.  Recently I decided to check it out, hoping to see it feature some exciting and new talent.  So what did I find?  Braden Charron.  Is he new talent?  Not really.  Braden has a long history in wrestling, appearing for BG East, Thunders Arena, Can-Am, and Muscle Domination Wrestling (and probably others).  So am I disappointed to find W4H featuring a seasoned veteran like Braden?  Absolutely not!  I LOVE BRADEN!!!!  He's big muscles and bodyslams.  What's not to love?  I checked out a match of his against Jayden Mayne, and Braden doesn't disappoint.  I don't know how many years Braden has been wrestling on the internet.  Maybe ten?  He looks like he's got at least ten more in him.

A big thanks to Cameron for giving Braden yet another venue to showcase his awesome muscles and wrestling skills.