Monday, December 31, 2018

Alex and Alex

Meet Alex and Alex, two fun guys from Romania.  On the left we have Alex, and next to him is Alex, and they are doing what they do best, which is flexing their glorious biceps.  You can find them both on The Best Flex website which is a place where muscleboys from around the world capitalize on their best assets, their bodies.  Most of the guys use the site to post videos for purchase, but you can also arrange custom videos, cam shows, and some guys are even available for meet ups.  Alex and Alex are among my favorites.  To be more precise about who is who, CockyBoy Alex is on the right, and I featured him in my blog earlier this year.  The stud on the left is his buddy Alex Master

Most videos you see on Best Flex feature posing and muscle worship, but you get several with a wrestling domination theme.  While Alex and Alex create a lot of solo videos, sometimes they collaborate, just like they did recently for a custom lift and carry video.  As you see from the clips above, it's CockyBoy Alex who takes the role of alpha wrestler in this video.  The dude is 5' 8" and 200 pounds, so he's powerfully built.  He has little trouble lifting and carrying his buddy Alex Master, who comes in at 5' 11" and 180 pounds.  This is not a hard core wrestling video, but just two buddies horsing around.  That's what I like about Alex and Alex.  They are playful and have good chemistry in their videos.  They look like fun guys to hang out with.  Maybe when I make it to Romania some day, the Alexes will let me play with them, too.  I'll even let them use me as their wrestling toy.

Be sure to check out their profiles on Best Flex here and here, plus their collaboration videos here.  Their killer smiles and killer bodies are definitely worth the price of admission.

Alex and Alex wish you a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

From Bad to Worse

This is a continuation of my last post about Lorenzo's bad day at No Rules Wrestling, and as we see, his day goes from bad to worse  His custom match with Sasha Samson has so much good stuff in it, I can probably do five or six posts if I wanted.  The match really is a showcase for Sasha to display his power over the smaller Lorenzo, who as we saw in my last post suffers through many bodyslams and torture racks.  Today we highlight Sasha's ability to dish out awesome over-the-knee backbreakers, which he does repeatedly on Lorenzo.  Now, don't think that Lorenzo is nothing but a boytoy for the big new guy.  NRW filmed several matches featuring the two wrestlers, and Lorenzo shows that he can be pretty bad ass, too, when he needs to be.  Be sure to check those matches out at the NRW website.

After such a rough day, Lorenzo deserves to take a little break.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Lorenzo's Bad Day

For reasons I can't fully articulate, Lorenzo Smalls probably is my favorite wrestler at No Rules Wrestling, especially when he's wearing his white Under Armour shorts.  I envy his job where he gets paid to appear in wrestling matches at NRW.  At least I assume he gets paid.  But as we all know, not every job is perfect all the time, and even our hero Lorenzo has a bad day now and then.

NRW has a feature where fans can order custom videos, and recently Lorenzo was available for these special wrestling matches.  This was really a way for NRW to introduce a new wrestler on their roster, a guy named Sasha Samson.  He's a pretty big muscle dude, especially compared to Lorenzo.  One of the custom matches is a lift and carry session where Sasha bodyslams, torture racks, and backbreaks Lorenzo repeatedly.  For a guy like me who loves lift and carry action, this video is pretty awesome.  And from the looks of it, it's an easy challenge for Sasha since he outweighs Lorenzo by about forty pounds.  But for Lorenzo, well . . . its a tough job, but someone has to do it.  Thanks Lorenzo!  We appreciate you being such a good sport about this.

Looks like there's a new Muscle Boy in town!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Odd Man Out

So, what happens to a lean, gawky, scrawny guy who finds himself in a wrestling ring with two beefy muscle guys?  He discovers pretty fast that he's the odd man out.

It's a two-on-one wrestling match at Wrestler4Hire featuring Brad Barnes, Austin Cooper, and Ethan Andrews.  Both Brad and Austin sport a lot of muscle on their bodies, but not so much for the lanky Ethan, who clearly looks like the odd man out.  I love Brad Barnes!  And I'm a big fan of Austin, too, because he loves bodyslams and other power moves.  But as for Ethan . . . well, I have to admit that I always struggle with him. The set up for this match is that Ethan has long been a a bully to Brad, but he finally gets his due when Brad and Austin exact revenge on the smaller dude. In real life no one would ever believe an Ethan could be a bully to a Brad Barnes, but in the world of underground wrestling, Ethan often plays the bully, or rather the heel, to bigger muscle guys.  And that's where I have struggled with Ethan.  I like seeing the good looking, masculine muscle jocks delivering a beat down on a smaller jobber.  But when I see Ethan giving a musclestud a beat down, it just doesn't appeal to me.  That's especially the case at 88Wrestling, where Ethan clearly is the "odd man out" among all the fitness studs and physique models on the roster there, but those muscleboys always seem to play jobber to Ethan's heel.  Of course, it's a matter of personal taste, and lots of guys obviously enjoy seeing Ethan in that type of match.  Also, to be fair, I don't want to give the impression that I don't like Ethan at all.  He's a talented and prolific wrestler, and I think he is awesome in the role of heel at UCW Wrestling.  He really fits in there.  But when he's wrestling a big, good-looking muscle jock, I want to see Ethan suffer.  So, this really is just a long-winded way of saying that I liked this two-on-one match at W4H a lot because two of my favorite musclestuds dominate Ethan with tons of power moves like bodyslams, pile drivers, backbreakers, torture racks, and bearhugs.  So there you go, Ethan!  Take that, you damn bully!

Now that's how a muscleboy treats a jobber!

Friday, November 30, 2018

Play Time

Thunders Arena released some special matches for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, one of them being a match between Scrappy and Kasee.  I've watched Scrappy wrestle many times, but this is my first look at Kasee.  And boy, am I a big fan!  At 5' 9" and 170 pounds, Kasee has the looks I like in a wrestler with his muscular, aesthetic physique.  He's even wearing the type of trunks I like to see on wrestlers.  Because TA generally features big bodybuilders, I fear Kasee is destined to be a smaller dude who gets thrown around a lot by the bigger guys.  That's a problem Scrappy has at TA, too, so it's nice to see the two of them featured together in this match.

I have to admit, this is kind of a strange match, but I really enjoyed it, and Kasee in particular.  The best word that describes him is "playful."  It's like he doesn't see this as a serious wrestling match, but instead it's just an opportunity to have some fun.  He sees Scrappy's body as something to play with.  His own body is something for Scrappy to play with.  The wrestling is play time instead of a contest.  I love how Kasee is always grinning, like when he checks out Scrappy's thighs.  Scrappy claws his pecs, and Kasee grins.  Trapped in Scrappy's bearhug?  No problem!  It's just fun and games for Kasee.

Scrappy seems only to tolerate Kasee's playfulness to a point.  TA bills this match as muscle worship, and you see a good bit of it, mostly with Kasee trying to play with Scrappy's muscles.  Scrappy will let the playful Kasee do his thing for a few moments, but then Scrappy tries to get this back to a wrestling match.  Yet even when Scrappy breaks Kasee's back over the knee, or when Scrappy gorilla presses him (and it's impressive how he does so), Kasee just takes it all in with a grin like you see on the face of a kid in the sandbox on the playground.

The wrestling action for much of the match has Scrappy controlling Kasee, but Kasee eventually decides to make some moves of his own.  But even then, it's still all a game, like when he playfully gets Scrappy in an over the shoulder carry, or when he catches Scrappy in a sleeper.  The innocent, happy grin rarely leaves Kasee's face.  Wrestling in it's most primal form is just a game, something to be enjoyed, which Kasee understands.  That's why I like Kasee and look forward to seeing much more of him at TA.

Now there's a wrestler who knows it's all about the fun!

Monday, November 19, 2018

Giving Thanks

For most you guys, you probably equate November with Thanksgiving, but for me each year it means I get to enjoy the November to Remember series at No Rules Wrestling.  Every year, NRW posts a new match each day of the month, and often there's at least one dedicated to the glorious backbreaker.  This year, it's a short match featuring NRW superstar Dave Calbrese breaking in a rookie wrestler named Arlo by dishing out some brutal back punishment.  My favorite part is when Calbrese scoops Arlo up and then drops the rookie over the knee repeatedly for backbreakers.  Few do it better than Dave Calbrese, and for that, I am truly thankful.

Another Backbreaker Monday brought to you by Dave Calbrese.
Happy Thanksgiving guys!

Friday, November 16, 2018

Singlet Season

I need to check out Underground Championship Wrestling more often, because when I do, I find an unexpected gem.  The match here in today's post is definitely one of them.  It caught my attention because the wrestlers are in singlets, which I find appropriate for this time of year with the college wrestling season just beginning.  The starring wrestlers are Aron (red) and Malik (blue), and the two put on a great wrestling match.  From my somewhat trained eye, Aron looks like he's a much more skilled wrestler than Malik, and if this were a true competition, I suspect he would have had Malik pinned and tied up like a pretzel repeatedly.  But this match is also about the entertainment, and I was greatly entertained.  Malik may not be as skillful of a mat wrestler as Aaron, but he knows enough to make a good show out of it.  The wrestlers agree at the beginning to make it a best three out of five match, and it goes all five rounds before one of them finally claims victory.  There's good back and forth action, and while much of it is mat wrestling, Aron and Malik produce some good pro-style lift and carry moves.  That's important for me because it means I can feature this match in my blog.  Aron in particular I liked.  He has appeared in several matches at UCW, but now he's listed as "retired".  That's too bad for us because I would love to see him star in more matches.

Malik says, "You gotta love wrestling in singlets!"