Friday, May 27, 2011

Thunders Arena

Some of my recent posts have highlighted wrestlers from Rock Hard Wrestling and No Rules Wrestling. The wrestlers for these Internet companies are mostly college jock type. Thunders Arena is another Internet wrestling site, and while they have some college jocks, too, a lot of their talent tend to be bodybuilders, like the wrestler Sledge. He's only 5'8", but he comes in at a whopping 210 pounds. There's a lot of muscle on that bad boy. Here Sledge easily crotchlifts another muscle bound wrestler and parades him around before the inevitable bodyslam.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Power Wrestling

Braden Charron is a big muscle stud who has appeared in several wrestling matches for BGEast. He is definitely worth checking out. Here he clearly overpowers his smaller opponent. What I like best about this is that Braden is doing squats with the little dude before he bodyslams him. Holy shit! Talk about humiliation. I really like bodyslams because they are power moves. It takes muscle, and Braden is definitely showing them off here. I need to find some little twerp who I can humiliate like this.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Random Pro Bodyslams

Here are some random action shots from pro wrestling matches. No need for any commentary since they pretty much speak for themselves.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Squash Job

In yesterday's post I alluded to the fact that the wrestling match between Jake Jenkins and Cliff Johnson was a competitive one. But RHW features another match between Cody Nelson and Jeff Hollister that was the complete opposite. At six foot and 175 pounds, Cody has a five inch and forty pound advantage over his scrawny opponent. He uses several bodyslams and other power moves to send Hollister to a humiliating defeat. Of course, the match was scripted, but in a real wrestling match between the two, there's little doubt Cody would demolish Hollister.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cliff Johnson

A few days ago I posted some good action shots of Jake Jenkins in a wrestling match against Cliff Johnson. Although Johnson ultimately came out on the losing end, he still got in several good bodyslams against the smaller muscle boy. All in all, Johnson looked pretty good despite the outcome. Sometimes in wrestling you are going to lose a match, but there's nothing wrong with that so long as you fight hard and walk away with the respect of your opponent.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pleasure in the Pain

There's a lot to like about these over-the-knee backbreakers, but one thing that stands out is the expression on the faces of the victims. There's more than some discomfort going on here. Each dude has a little look of ecstasy. Think about it. You're being manhandled by a muscle guy. He's just scooped you up, carried you around, and then brought you down hard over his knee. He keeps his arm tightly in your crotch as he stretches you to your limits. As he grabs your butt with his hand, you can feel his bulging bicep press into your junk. It's a wrestling match, so there's a lot of testosterone flowing as it is. It reminds me of that classic 80s song "Hurts So Good" and it shows that wrestling can be fun even when you're losing.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Jake Jenkins

Jake Jenkins appeared in a recent wrestling match in Rock Hard Wrestling against Cliff Johnson. The muscular Jake ends up winning the match against his larger opponent, getting in a few good bodyslams and a powerslam in the process. According to his bio on RHW, Jake was a high school wrestler, and at 155 pounds, he's a little smaller but pretty close to my size. It would be cool to exchange some bodyslams with him. But even better, I'd love to meet him on a wrestling mat and have a real match to see who is the better wrestler. I'd like to think I would probably beat him, but even if I didn't, I bet it still would be a fun match.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ode to Scotty Mac

Since I'm on the theme of Scotty Mac, here are some more good bodyslam pictures of him. One place to go see him in action is Cyberfights, which is an Internet website where you can download matches. Scotty Mac has been bodyslamming the crap out of his opponents on Cyberfights for a few years now.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Scotty Mac vs. Danni Deeds

Here we see Canadian wrestlers Scotty Mac and Danni Deeds exchange bodyslams in a match back in February. I think what I like best about these action photos is how well you can appreciate Scotty Mac's powerful build. Although he's shorter than Danni Deeds, at 200 pounds he's about 35 pounds heavier, and you can see that it's all muscle. In the top picture, Scotty Mac clearly is cooperating with what's going on, but in the bottom photo, he is in total control. In a real wrestling match, Scotty Mac would take this guy apart.