Friday, February 27, 2015

A New Boy Toy

One of my favorite wrestling themes at Thunders Arena is when a small dude faces musclebound competition on the mat.  Of course, this never goes well for the little dude, who usually serves as nothing more than a chew toy for his muscled up opponents.  Surprisingly, TA doesn't seem to have a hard time finding wrestlers willing to be fodder for these kinds of matches.  We've seen the likes of Angel, Tak, and Mogley get tossed about by much larger wrestlers, and now TA has given its hungry bodybuilders another piece of meat in the form of a little guy named Shane.  He appeared in two recent matches going up against the much larger Viggo and Specimen.  You really don't need to see these pictures to know what happens to Shane in these matches, but it's still nice of TA to show them to us.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Little Brother

The thing about a little brother is that he wants to do everything his big brother does.  Last month we saw Kevin Calbrese take apart Jordan Prince during a match at No Rules Wrestling.  Being the little brother, Dave Calbrese wants to show that he can do what his big brother just did.  So NRW gives him the chance, and Dave Calbrese demolishes Jordan Prince in a recent match.  Just a thought, but Jordan should probably stay clear of the Calbrese family.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Appeal of Arrogance

I was checking out a preview of one of Italian Muscle's wrestling videos recently.  One thing about this guy is that he's got a certain high energy about him when he performs in front of the camera.  This is in contrast to some of those other muscle guys who put out wrestling videos on the internet, where the action is kind of stiff and lacking in emotion.  I love this one scene where our Italian dude carries his victim and charges up to the camera.  There's a certain arrogance and cockiness about the way he does this.  I can only describe it as awesome.  It's exactly the way you want the alpha male to be when he's dominating in a wrestling match.

I said before that Italy and wrestling usually don't come to mind as a combination.  Turns out this guy is half Italian and half Hungarian.  That Central European background obviously is where the power and wrestling come from.  So don't be fooled by this guy's friendly looks and innocent smile.  He'll kick your ass.