Monday, February 27, 2017


Steel!  I completely forgot to do this post  a while back.  Steel is typical for the wrestlers we see at Thunders Arena, coming in at 5' 9" and 200 pounds.  Clearly a bodybuilder.  I don't know where Mr. Mike finds these guys.  Here Steel is wrestling Jake, who is another notable find for TA.  Jake is no pushover himself at 5' 8" and 180 pounds.  The set up for the match is an argument over who ate whose chicken.  In the world of Thunders Arena, that's all that needed to convince a couple of alpha male that it's time to head to the mats and prove who the real man is.  When the actions starts, you get the sense that if this were an amateur wrestling match, Jake would dominate.  But this isn't amateur wrestling.  It's Thunders Arena.  And muscle is the name of the game.  And the bigger Steel uses the match to show off his muscles with power moves like head scissors (I'm convinced those thighs cracked Jake's skull), rib crushing bearhugs, and of course the most alpha wrestling move of all, the gorilla press.

I noticed this match is currently on sale at TA, so it's worth checking out.  I'm looking forward to seeing more of these two guys in action.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Jack in the Box

This is a continuation of my last post featuring Jack Marino in his match at Underground Championship Wrestling against Johnny Deep.  It's accepted procedure at these internet wrestling productions to have gear that isn't exactly regulation in the world of wrestling, and UCW is no exception.  But even accepting this fact, I have to say Johnny Deep's thong is a little too much (or maybe a little too little).  He's really showing more skin that I usually feel comfortable featuring in my family-friendly blog.  Before the match begins, Johnny boasts that his pale and pasty glutes drive the woman wild.  When he tries to flex them, though, all gets from Jack is "Ew!  They jiggle!"  I'll agree with Jack on this one.  Ew!

Anyways, Jack doesn't let his opponent's overexposed flesh intimidate him.  In fact, maybe it motivates Jack even more to lay a hurting on Johnny to punish him for his insolence in showing up on the mat in such a skimpy outfit. 

In the end, I'd say that Johnny's thong makes his beat down look even more humiliating.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Jack Marino

It's only recently that I began giving some attention to Underground Championship Wrestling, and it looks like I've been missing out on some pretty good wrestling action over the past few years.  If you ever look over my blog, you'll see that I spend a lot of time talking up wrestling productions like Thunders Arena and Rock Hard Wrestling.  These companies capitalize on niche markets in the underground wrestling world, with TA mostly featuring the bigger bodybuilders and muscle guys and RHW drawing its talent from the fitness model and college jock crowd.  As much as I like both TA and RHW, there's a big world of wrestling out there, including the likes of UCW, and I haven't been giving proper credit to a lot of it. 

You know, one reason why I think wrestling is the greatest sport is because size doesn't matter.  You can be any size, and wrestling gives you an opportunity to compete.  You probably won't see most of UCW's athletes competing at TA or RHW, but that doesn't make them any less of an athlete . . . or any less of an alpha stud.  Take Jack Marino of UCW as an example.  He's only 5' 4" and 135 pounds.  Looks like he's just a kid.  You wanna call him Jack Jack.  But make no mistake.  He may be small, but Jack Jack is all wrestler.  That's clearly obvious in a match where UCW pits him against the taller, lankier Johnny Deep.  Jack Jack proves that you don't need to be a hulking bodybuilder to give us some awesome power moves like bodyslams, backbreakers, bearhugs, and piledrivers.  Jack Jack also proves that you can be small in stature but still be a total alpha wrestler.

I often talk about the muscleboys of wrestling and how they are certified to flex their biceps.  But I have to say that Jack Jack gives us the best biceps flex I've ever seen a wrestler give:

Holy fuck!  I love it!