Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Pro vs. Joe

Many of you guys probably have checked out Cameron Mathews blog and website.  Since last fall he has been producing his own wrestling matches and putting them up for sale.  He's got some pretty good talent in his stable of wrestlers, a bunch of dudes who have appeared at big time productions like Thunders Arena and BG East.  But in addition to these matches featuring the big names in the world of internet wrestling, Cameron also has something called Pro vs. Joe private matches.  This is where you (yeah, YOU!) can step into the ring and challenge a wrestling star in a one on one match.  I have to admit that this captures my attention.  Can you imagine stepping into the ring with someone like Braden Charron?  While I usually like being the alpha male in a fantasy wrestling match, I gotta admit that more and more lately I like the idea of getting owned on the mat by the right guy.  And there aren't many better alpha studs out there in my book than Braden Charron.  Here are some good shots of Braden owning other dudes in the way I want to be owned by him.  These aren't pro versus Joe matches, but feature him against experienced dudes, including Cal Bennett (the first two pics), Jayden Mayne, and Ty Alexander.  Just imagine what Braden can do with an average Joe.  If anyone has an experience with these Pro vs. Joe matches, please share.

Monday, April 13, 2015


Sometimes it pays to waste a few hours in the afternoon just surfing the internet looking for cool wrestling pics.  I came across some action photos from a match at BG East between a stud wrestler named Flavio and his smaller opponent Jake Lowe.  The second and third photos are just spectacular and say much more than what I can put into words about why otk backbreakers are fucking awesome.  And to continue with my last post and its discussion about wrestling gear, the pink and blue underwear these dudes are sporting is the icing on the cake.  Wrestling at its purist form is just rolling around with your buddy in nothing but your underwear.  Anyway, this is Flavio at 5'10" and 180 pounds.  He's only wrestled in one match at BG East.  I wonder if they can entice him back onto the mat again.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Wrestler in Blue Jeans

One thing to love about wrestling is that the gear is simple.  You can pretty much wear anything you want (so long as you're not in any official competition).  It seems like most of the online wrestling producers like to outfit their wrestlers in briefs and posers, but sometimes you see them in larger trunks and squarecuts.  I tend to prefer to see trunks and squarecuts on wrestlers because I think it makes them look more like jocks and athletes.  Recently No Rules Wrestling produced a match with Matt Meadlock and Lorenzo Smalls wrestling in blue jeans.  I highly approve.  Shirtless and blue jeans is very masculine, especially if you can get your opponent in a sick looking crotchlift for an otk backbreaker like Meadlock does here.

NRW also just released several matches with its wrestlers clad only in Under Armour shorts.  I'd have to say that right now Under Armour shorts are my favorite gear for wrestling.  One of the Under Armour matches again features Meadlock and Lorenzo.  From the preview, I can't tell if there are any bodyslams, but even if there aren't, this match still may be well worth the price of admission.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Backyard Wrestling

It looks like this long winter is finally over and spring has arrived.  I remember as a kid growing up we were bouncing off the walls after being stuck inside for much of the winter, and when the weather began to warm up, all the mothers in the neighborhood quickly pushed us out the door and told us to play outside.  I imagine this is what happened recently at Thunders Arena.  All the wrestlers were full of pent up energy after the long winter, so they were ready to wreak some havoc once they were finally let out into the back yard to play.  As a result, TA gives us several new outdoor matches full of crotchlifting, bodyslamming, overhead pressing fun.  I wish I had some of these guys in my neighborhood growing up.

Friday, February 27, 2015

A New Boy Toy

One of my favorite wrestling themes at Thunders Arena is when a small dude faces musclebound competition on the mat.  Of course, this never goes well for the little dude, who usually serves as nothing more than a chew toy for his muscled up opponents.  Surprisingly, TA doesn't seem to have a hard time finding wrestlers willing to be fodder for these kinds of matches.  We've seen the likes of Angel, Tak, and Mogley get tossed about by much larger wrestlers, and now TA has given its hungry bodybuilders another piece of meat in the form of a little guy named Shane.  He appeared in two recent matches going up against the much larger Viggo and Specimen.  You really don't need to see these pictures to know what happens to Shane in these matches, but it's still nice of TA to show them to us.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Little Brother

The thing about a little brother is that he wants to do everything his big brother does.  Last month we saw Kevin Calbrese take apart Jordan Prince during a match at No Rules Wrestling.  Being the little brother, Dave Calbrese wants to show that he can do what his big brother just did.  So NRW gives him the chance, and Dave Calbrese demolishes Jordan Prince in a recent match.  Just a thought, but Jordan should probably stay clear of the Calbrese family.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Appeal of Arrogance

I was checking out a preview of one of Italian Muscle's wrestling videos recently.  One thing about this guy is that he's got a certain high energy about him when he performs in front of the camera.  This is in contrast to some of those other muscle guys who put out wrestling videos on the internet, where the action is kind of stiff and lacking in emotion.  I love this one scene where our Italian dude carries his victim and charges up to the camera.  There's a certain arrogance and cockiness about the way he does this.  I can only describe it as awesome.  It's exactly the way you want the alpha male to be when he's dominating in a wrestling match.

I said before that Italy and wrestling usually don't come to mind as a combination.  Turns out this guy is half Italian and half Hungarian.  That Central European background obviously is where the power and wrestling come from.  So don't be fooled by this guy's friendly looks and innocent smile.  He'll kick your ass.