Friday, January 17, 2020

Remembering Rio

I realize that my last several posts have featured Tanner Hill (aka Cena) in one form or another.  If I'm not careful, I may have to change the name of my blog from Bodyslam Fan to Tanner Hill Fan.  Actually, that's got a nice ring to it, but there are tons of other wrestlers out there worthy of attention, too.  One of them is Rio Garza.  Now, don't be fooled by the title to this particular post.  This is not a memorial to the guy.  As far as I know, Rio is still alive and well.  Rather, I'm just remembering back several years ago to the time when I began to really get interested in this underground wrestling stuff.  This was around the time Rio Garza burst onto the scene, and he's a large reason why I got so into this strange but fascinating secret world where young muscle guys battled it out for our entertainment.

Rio Garza initially made his name at BG East, but like I mentioned in my last blog post, several guys in the underground scene worked for multiple productions.  Rio was a hot commodity himself, and he wrestled for several different companies, including Can-Am.  Today's post features Rio performing for Can-Am in a fun, multi-match video called Hollywood Fight Club.

Now, one thing that really made Rio popular at BG East, Can-Am, and other places was that he played a great jobber.  It seems like guys just loved to see the baby-faced wrestler get pummeled.  I guess my tastes are a little different because I prefer to see muscleboys in the role of a heel.  What I like about Rio's appearance in Hollywood Fight Club is that it shows he's not a total and complete jobber.  The kid got the opportunity to show off his alpha male side several times during the video.  As you can see above, none other than Aryx Quinn (aka Tristan Baldwin) suffered at the hands of Rio.


During another part of the video, Rio faced off against a bigger Donnie Drake, with Rio even showing off some bigboy wrestling moves in the process.  This blog is inspired by bodyslams, afterall, so I just can't help but savor the sight of the young Latino wrestler slamming badboy Donnie hard to the mat.

Of course, Rio Garza knows how to take punishment, too, and there's plenty of that in this video.  But if that's what you want to see, you'll have to download the video at Can-Am.  For me, however, it's the vision of a dominant Rio being all alpha as he flexes his biceps over a broken Aryx Quinn that will live on in my fantasies.

Hollywood Fight Club was produced back in 2010 when Rio looks like he's twenty at most.  So, what's our hero up to these days?  I think he's still engaged in bodybuilding and fitness modeling.  But what about wrestling?  About a year ago, Cameron Matthews at Wrestler4Hire mentioned being in touch with Rio to get him back into the ring.  Let's hope Cameron is successful, because if he is, we got something like this to look forward to:

These days, Rio is older, more mature, and boasts bigger muscles.  Combine all that with the tattoos and facial hair, and I say he's got "wrestling heel" written all over him.  Rio buddy, I wish you the best.  I don't know what you're up to now, but I hope whatever it is makes you happy.  Just know that a lot of us would be happy to see you back wrestling again!

Monday, January 13, 2020

A Pectacular Performance

I like it when guys make the rounds among different productions in the underground wrestling scene.  And I love it when one of those guys is Cena, who wrestles for Underground Wrestler as well as 88Wrestling (as Tanner Hill).  Another prolific wrestler is the Z-Man who appears at both Underground Wrestler and 88Wrestling (plus a whole lot of other places).  And it's interesting when the same guys meet up at different productions, which is what we see here between Cena and the Z-Man.  My last blog post features the two of them at 88Wrestling, and now we get them again in the ring for Underground Wrestler.  The set up for both matches is pretty similar by playing up on each wrestler's muscular bodies.  In their prior match both wrestlers flexed the hell out of their biceps to see who was the best in Flex City.  Now we get the two in a match at Underground Wrestler called Perfect Pecs where the two studs spar over who sports the best chest muscles.

In a match called Perfect Pecs, you expect to see a lot of attention given to that part of the body.  And here, it's Cena's chest that gets the most of it.  The Z-Man is quick to target Cena's powerful pecs, but Cena powers through the punishment before launching an attack of his own.  The Z-Man is left in a state of shock and awe as he's unable to best Cena in the battle of the pecs.  But this is not just a pecs bashing match.  We also get other good wrestling action, too, especially when Cena shows off some big boy wrestling moves by tossing the Z-Man about the ring.

In the end, Cena flexes his big boy muscles.  Spectacular pecs and all, Cena knows it's his biceps that bring in the money, so he can't pass up the opportunity to show them off to all his adoring fans.

So, in many respects, this match is very similar to the one at 88Wrestling.  But does that make this match any less entertaining  No fucking way!  It seems with every new appearance, Cena gets more muscular, more cocky, and more confident, leaving me wanting more.  Z-Man, buddy, you know I love ya.  But I can't get enough of seeing you suffer at the hands of this beautiful blond muscleboy!

Cena introduces the Z-Man to Backbreaker Monday!

Friday, January 10, 2020

Return to Flex City

If there's one thing all muscleboys love to do, it's flex.  Our friends over at 88 Wrestling understand this, so every once in a while they like to let their wrestlers show off their bulging biceps in a "Flex City" match.  I've already featured one such match before in my blog, and now that I'm up and running again with a new computer, here's another Flex City match that's worth checking out.  The guys at 88 Wrestling pretty much hit the nail on the head with this one by lining up a match between Tanner Hill and the Z-Man.  I can't think of two other wrestlers who like flexing more than Tanner and the Z-Man.

Now, if you ever want to visit Flex City, there are some ground rules you need to be aware of.  Lucky for us, Tanner has offered to demonstrate them:  

Whenever you scoop your opponent up, you like to parade him around and then slam his body down hard.  But in Flex City, you also gotta stand over him and flex your biceps!

You carry your opponent around over the shoulder?  You better flex!  Get him into a spine-snapping camel clutch, don't forget to flex!

You crack your opponent's back over the knee for a backbreaker, what do you do?  You flex those fucking biceps!  So, just follow Tanner's simple rules, and you'll be fine if you ever find yourself in Flex City.

And just a side note before we wrap things up, while this blog post features Tanner Hill, this match is by no means a squash job.  The Z-Man has plenty to flex about, too.  Both wrestlers put on a good show, and only one can win.  But to be honest, it's clear that both Tanner and Z-Man really enjoyed the flexing in this match as well as the wrestling.  And in that competition, they are both winners.

And one final note, Tanner obviously has a great body, and he's done some nice things in the wrestling ring over the years, but I didn't realize just how strong he has become:  Holy fuck!  This guy's a beast!

 Holy fuck!  Tanner's a beast!

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Saturday, January 4, 2020

Pillow Fight

Right before my computer crashed last summer, I was getting ready to blog about a match from Underground Wrestler featuring Cena (aka Tanner Hill) and Kasee.  Luckily I still had the video saved on a thumbdrive and didn't lose it, so although it's now several months late, here are some scenes from "Gym Buddys".  This is less of a wrestling match than (what I like to call) a wrestling scenario.  There's no ring or mats or the usual set up for an official wrestling match.  Instead, the scene we have is a hotel room being shared by Cena and Kasee.  The two had been at the gym, but Kasee left early taking the car, forcing Cena to walk back to the hotel alone.  Cena of course is mad at Kasee when he gets back to the room, and the inevitable wrestling starts as Cena decides to punish Kasee for leaving him behind.  I like these little scenarios.  They don't need much detail or set-up to create, but they are a good way to add a little twist to your typical match up, making the wrestling a little more entertaining.  And in this case, we get to see two muscleboys wrestling on beds.  It doesn't get much more entertaining than that! 

I also like this match because it brings back some memories.  If you've ever been on a middle school or high school sports team (especially a wrestling team), you have probably found yourself in a hotel room with your teammates, and horseplay inevitably breaks out.  It's a natural way to let off steam and promote buddy bonding.  Now, if I only had Cena and Kasee for teammates when I was younger . . .

Cena is king of the pillow fight!

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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New Year, New Computer

It's been a long time since my last post.  Sadly, my computer crashed back at the beginning of summer, and I lost a lot of material.  When I finally got a new computer a few months ago, the motivation to begin blogging again just wasn't there.  And of course I didn't have much material to work with anyway.  But lately after perusing the internet and checking out more matches and other things, I realize there are still tons of muscleboys out there delivering awesome bodyslams.  These studs of wrestling have inspired me to renew blogging, so my resolution for the year 2020 is to get back at it.  I've already got several ideas to blog about, so please keep checking in for new posts.

Happy New Year guys!

Monday, May 27, 2019

Spartan Warrior

I'm sure you all know that Marco from Thunders Arena started his own wrestling production company called Underground Wrestler.  I'm just getting around to checking it out.  I know, bad on me for taking so long.  But I think I picked a good time to see what UW has to offer.  A recent addition to its roster is one of my favorite wrestlers, Tanner Hill (who goes by the name Cena at UW).  Tanner made a name for himself at Rock Hard Wrestling at 88 Wrestling, and I'm stoked to see him expanding his portfolio by wrestling for Marco's company.  Recently released is a match called War of Empires featuring Tanner/Cena against Kasee, another dude I like to see wrestle.  It starts with both guys in costume, ready to do battle.  I like the costume idea.  A big feature of pro-style wrestling is role playing, so I like how this match tips its hat to that concept.  Have one wrestler dress up like a Spartan Warrior?  I like!  Have that Spartan Warrior be Tanner Hill?  I really really like!

The role-playing and costumes really don't overpower this match.  Instead, it just adds a little extra flavor to it.  Kasee is dressed in an emperor's robe, and after a few moments of playful sword fighting, the robe gets ripped off.  Tanner mocks Kasee for wearing a dress while Kasee whines about losing his favorite robe.  After that it's all wrestling.  But while Kasee looks like any other wrestler at this point, Tanner remains in his Spartan warrior outfit.  Wow.  As I said above, I like.  And I think Tanner likes it, too.  It seems to give him just a little bit of extra swagger (as if he needs any).  Tanner goes Spartan warrior all over Kasee's ass in this match.  Of course, I've learned that you never count Kasee out, but this match is like many of his others where Kasee almost seems to offer his body up to his opponent.  You know, I think Kasee likes Tanner in his Spartan warrior costume, too, especially late in the match when the Spartan scoops him up and delivers a glorious OTK backbreaker.  Well, to be honest, I can't be sure Kasee actually enjoyed it, but I sure loved it.  Wow.

Tanner Hill in a wrestling match dressed as a Spartan warrior . . . I hate to say it out loud, but this is the stuff of fantasies.  And to help out your own personal fantsies, here are some more pics of our favorite Spartan wrestler:

That's right, Tanner.  Flex those big biceps of yours like the Spartan muscleboy you are!

Lucky for us, it being Backbreaker Monday, Tanner is happy to oblige us by showing how a bad-ass Greek warrior gets it done:

Over the knee backbreaker . . . Spartan-style!

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