Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Boys From the Golden Age

Our fan favorite Vinny Trevino is back in another video from BG East.  This time we find our Italian stallion hanging out with BG East uber stud Justin Pierce.  The two agree that Justin has better wrestling technique while Vinny is the brawler.  Having both been beaten down by Mikey Vee, they decide they can improve their skills in the ring if they cross train each other.  Sounds simple enough, but as the two practice, Justin finds himself getting a little carried away.  In demonstrating some of his wrestling moves and holds, Justin gets Vinny into a submission, keeping it longer than necessary.  Then after the two don gloves for Vinny's tutorial on boxing, an overly eager Justin gets in some cheap shots on Vinny while the Italian has his back turned, and then he needlessly takes Vinny down with a drop toe hold.  As the video progresses, Vinny is like a simmering pot, becoming increasingly annoyed with Justin.  And, as expected, Vinny finally reaches his boiling point and blows.  Our Italian stud launches in on Justin with a flurry of punches and finally lays Justin out flat for the ten count.

It's not until after Vinny flattens Justin that the wrestling match begins, which is thirty minutes into the video.  By now having punched Justin's lights out, Vinny is determined to prove he's a two sport star as he proceeds to demolish Justin with several high powered wrestling moves.  And in the end as you can see below, Justin finds himself once more laid out on the mat, thoroughly defeated, a loser in both boxing and wrestling at the hands of Vinny Trevino.

One thing that strikes me while watching this video is the quality of talent BG East had available at the time it produced this match back around 2003.  Both Vinny Trevino and Justin Pierce are spectacular, but the quality doesn't end with just these two studs.  Around that time, BG East had an amazing stable of wrestlers on its roster, including guys like Rio Garza, Mikey Vee, Mike Columbo, Blaze, a young Braden Charron, Jed Jamison, Brad Rochelle, and on and on and on.  It truly was the Golden Age for wrestling at BG East.

 Don't quit your day job, Justin!

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Hollywood Fight Club

About ten years ago Can-Am Productions released a series of wrestling videos called Hollywood Fight Club.  Each one features several guys who gather to fight each other, with the ultimate winner claiming a big cash prize.  It's a good set-up for a wrestling themed video, and I'm surprised we have not seen more of this from other wrestling productions.

Earlier this year I blogged about Rio Garza's appearance in Hollywood Fight Club 3.  In addition to Rio, there are seven other wrestlers who compete in this two hour production.  Fan favorite Rio definitely is one of the stars, as is well known wrestler Aryx Quinn (aka Tristan Baldwin).  But in the literal sense, the biggest star is Michael Vineland.  His hulking, muscular body pretty much dwarfs everyone else who shows up at the fight club.  Michael is strong and powerful, and he eagerly uses his strength to toss his competition around the mat.  If you are a fan of bodyslams (and you know that I am, of course), there's plenty to like with muscleman Michael performing multiple slams along with other awesome power moves.  The big guy really delivers in this video.  The one regret is that he and Rio did not square off.  But all in all, Hollywood Fight Club 3 is not a bad way to spend a couple of hours.

One word . . . Awesome!

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Peter the Great

I've been looking for different wrestlers and fresh faces to feature in my blog, so I'm glad I came across this match called Who da Man!  The wrestlers are Peter (in the white trunks) and Grady (in blue).  Both wrestlers are strong and capable, but as is often the case when watching a match, I take a particular liking to one of them.  In this match, it's Peter.  I think he gives a great performance.

The video begins with poor Peter hanging out, just minding his own business, when Grady charges in and attacks.  Peter takes his lumps at first, but he's a big boy and strong as fuck.  Grady doesn't stay in control for long.  I probably could have posted fifty pics of Peter alone from this match, but I'll just leave you with some of the lift and carry images.  Grady is no scrawny dude himslf, so it's amazing how easily Peter hoists him up at times for awesome moves like torture racks, an over the knee backbreaker, bearhugs . . . Peter even bench presses Grady!  This match is not a squash, and the action does go back and forth.  There are plenty of good, long held submission holds from both fighters to see, too.  All in all, I had fun watching this match, and I'm glad I discovered some new wrestlers to follow.

Torturing Grady with multiple backbreakers, Peter proves he's the man!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

No Respect

My last post with the flashback on Mr Destiny got me thinking about other wrestlers and wrestling matches from the past.  And that got me thinking about Vinny Trevino, a wrestler at BG East many years ago who captured my attention around the time I began my exciting journey into this mysterious world of underground wrestling.  I remember liking Vinny from the start for many reasons, one being his name.  Back in high school there was this one wrestler on another team named Vinny who caught my attention one season.  A swarthy Italian, he clearly stood out from the rest of us corn fed Midwestern white boys.  I always wanted to wrestle him, but we were different weight classes, so it never happened. 

I also liked Vinny Trevino from the start because of his looks.  With his dark hair, olive complexion, masculine features, and incredible physique, he was the epitome of health and fitness.  Make him a wrestler on top of all that, and Vinny Trevino is hard to beat.

Vinny Trevino only wrestled in about seven or so matches at BG East.  Not enough for my taste, of course, but enough to create a body of work that we can appreciate.  Here is Vinny in a match against Brandon Aldrich called Clobber the Jobber.  Whenever there is a jobber, there also has to be a heel, and Vinny shines in this match as the heel.  Like I said not long ago about Iván Guerrero, I like my heels to be good looking, hunky wrestlers.  And that's what we get in Vinny Trevino.  But there's also another ingredient for a great heel, and that's a cocky attitude.  Vinny exudes cockiness in this match, and he does so by showing absolutely no respect for Brandon.  At the start, our jobber boy shows a little attitude himself, but after losing a test of strength to Vinny in the first minute, Brandon is reduced to a sniveling, whining bitch, which is the role Vinny forces him to play for the rest of the match.  No respect!  Early in the match, Vinny lays his muscular body across Brandon's pale, lumpy torso and begins to count off the pin.  But after two, Vinny grabs Brandon by the hair and pulls his shoulders off the mat.  The heel says not yet!  He's got to earn his pay and make the match entertaining.  No respect!  Vinny scoops Brandon up high with a crotchlift, getting a big handful of the jobber's shorts, baring his ass, before delivering a massive bodyslam.  No respect!  Vinny humiliates Brandon by parading him around the ring with the groaning jobber in a sick torture rack.  No respect!  Vinny constantly stands over the blubbering Brandon, flexing his muscles, showing off his physique, barking orders at him.  No respect!  Vinny forces Brandon to participate in a boxing match with real gloves, only so Vinny can pound his abs into oblivion.  No respect!  Vinny pours ice water down Brandon's trunks.  No respect!  Vinny manhandles Brandon with repeated gutbusters while the jobber cries for mercy.  No respect!

And the final indignity comes with Vinny sitting on Brandon's chest, holding him down in a schoolboy pin and flexing his big biceps like the muscleboy he is.  The defeated jobber boy is forced to look on in admiration.  No fucking respect!!!  Boys, if you want a lesson in how to be a heel, then watch this match.

Vinny clobbers the jobber with a big bodyslam!

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Flashback: Mr Destiny

During this time of corona virus, most wrestling sites have stopped producing videos, including No Rules Wrestling.  But instead of just shutting down, NRW has been making its matches available at deep discounts, releasing a new batch each day for just four dollars.  It's not a bad way to beef up your wrestling collection.  One batch features a collection of older matches starring Mr. Destiny, the man we know and love as the Z-Man.  Of course, I had to check them out.

Z-Man has been providing us with quality wrestling entertainment for almost fifteen years now.  I have mentioned before how he just keeps on going while still maintaining that killer physique of his.  Watching these older matches of his (probably from a decade ago), I was taken by how stunning his physique was back when he was younger.  The reason why Z-Man's body scores a ten out of ten today is because back then he was a twenty-five!  No wonder he was an accomplished underwear model in those days.  But the Z-Man is more than a beautiful body.  He also possesses some pretty good athletic skills, which he displays at times during his matches.  My favorite example is how he mandhandles fratboy opponent Joe Wegner:

 Z-Man emasculates the blond hunk with a fallaway slam . . . Holy fuck!

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Iván the Wrestling Hunk

Hey guys!  I know it's been a while since I last posted, but for some reason it's been hard lately to find the inspiration.  And because of this, I've wanted to check out other wrestlers and productions to get new ideas.  As luck would have it, Hunks Wrestling (a production out of Spain) recently provided me with a preview of a new match of theirs featuring Steve Mason against newcomer Iván Guerrero.  This is my first post about Hunks Wrestling, so with a fresh set of wrestlers, let's get to it!

At the outset, I'll say this match is not the type I normally blog about because it's not one that features a whole lot of pro-style action like lift and carry moves (like bodyslams).  But I'll explain below why I really like this one.  The set up for this match is Steve Mason finding Iván Guerrero working out at the beach.  Steve is an experienced wrestler, mostly submission style, and he's appeared in a lot of videos.  Perhaps taken in by Iván's hunky physique (and who wouldn't be), Steve offers to teach Iván some of his wrestling skills.  Steve probably thinks he'll be able to play around with his younger boytoy, but he's in for a surprise.  Iván is cocky and confident from the start and never shows much respect for his teacher.  Steve gets Ivan into several submission holds, but Iván proves to be strong as fuck, and Steve frequently finds himself on his back with Iván in control.  As the match description on the website says, both wrestlers want to humiliate and subdue each other, so what starts out as a class for Steve to teach young Iván a few things becomes a wrestling match with ever increasing intensity.

So, why do I like this match so much?  The answer pretty much begins and ends with Iván Guerrero.  A wrestler with a physique like his is a wrestler I'm going to like no matter what.  I also love his name Guerrero, which means "warrior" in Spanish . . . a fucking awesome name for a wrestler.  But I like this match mostly because it's different.  It features a young, good looking, hunky wrestler in Iván facing an older, experienced submission wrestler in Steve.  In most of the videos I check out these days, this usually means the good looking hunk gets squashed by the older heel.  And in this match, everytime Steve gets Iván into a painful submission hold, I expect this to be the start of the beat down, but then Iván muscles his way out and turns tables on Steve.  There are times when I begin to wonder whether this is a heel/jobber match with Iván as the heel.  And that's totally ok with me.  I love my heels to be the young, good looking, hunky wrestler.  I want my heel to be Iván Guerrero.

To be fair, this is Iván's first wrestling match, and a lot of his talent and skills on the mat look raw.  But that doesn't mean he's not fun to watch (as you can see in the gifs above).  Much of the wrestling action comes from Steve Mason, but Iván fights back with punches, elbows, powerful kicks, even a few well-timed cheap shots.  That's what we want to see in our heels, right?

The folks at Hunks Wrestling tell me that they began as a submission wrestling company but are introducting more styles, such as pro wrestling and heel/jobber matches.  They also say Iván is a quick learner, can be good at lift and carry (as he shows in his first match), and that he has a lot of potential, especially if they can get him in a ring match.  I'm glad to hear this, and I hope we get to see more of Iván.  In case Hunks Wrestling is curious, my ideal match for him is a heel/jobber scenario with Ivan delivering several bodyslams, backbreakers, and torture racks.  Of course, for those who follow my blog, that should come as no surprise!

Iván the Warrior keeps working out those muscles.
Will he be slamming bodies and breaking backs soon?