Friday, July 31, 2015

Rowdy Boys

I got a few ideas for some interesting posts but just haven't had time to put them together.  But I hate to let the month of July go by with so little activity on my blog, so here are some random action pictures for you guys to chew on until I can post something better.  Maybe these dudes can teach us a little something about having fun.  It's Friday night after all, and what better way to get ready for the weekend than to get rowdy like these boys?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Awesome Austin

Guess I've been busy this summer so I haven't had a lot of time to spend on my blog.  For your entertainment here are some pics from a match at BG East between Austin Cooper and Atom (expanding his world beyond Thunders Arena).  Austin Cooper is an awesome wrestler.  He's strong and likes to show off his muscles with power moves, with bodyslams being among his favorite ways to dish out punishment.  Cooper loves to slam dudes.  Repeatedly.  That makes him a certified Muscle Boy.

As you know, only Muscle Boys are licensed to pose like this.  For more pictures from this match, check out this link.

Friday, July 3, 2015

A Singlet Does Not Make The Man

I blogged recently about wrestling gear and even praised dudes wearing singlets.  But just wearing a singlet doesn't necessarily make you a wrestling stud.  Case in point is Luke Harrison of Rock Hard Wrestling and his match against Brodie Fisher.  The boy Luke shows up in the ring clad in a singlet, but that doesn't really give his 5'10" and 140 pound body much of an advantage against Fisher's solid 5'8" and 170 pound muscular physique.  Luke gets clobbered, which just goes to show that it's not really the singlet but rather what goes into the singlet that matters most on the wrestling mat.  Check out this link for more great pics of Luke being manhandled by Brodie.  It's no surprise the kid ends up like this.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Reluctant Jobber

Not long ago I posted some photos that wrestler Darius had sent me from matches he produced himself.  But in addition to his own matches, Darius also appears in some well know internet productions, including Muscle Domination Wrestling.  In one match at MDW he faces Brad Barnes in a video called Meaty Muscle Massacre.  From the pictures at least, it looks like Darius is the meaty muscle being massacred.  In another video he faces Braden Charron in a match called Power Move Punishment, where Braden executes some of his best power moves to punish Darius.  I'm not sure of Darius' stats, but he looks like a pretty solid dude.  Definitely not someone who looks like a jobber in the wrestling ring.  So I'm a little surprised by these matches, but I can't be critical about it.  I have to confess, as much as I like to think of myself as an alpha male when it comes to wrestling, I wouldn't mind jobbing for either Brad Barnes or Braden Charron.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Wrestling Gear

I have said before that one reason why wrestling is so great is because special gear isn't really required.  You can pretty much wrestle in anything, from singlets to gym shorts to underwear, and even Under Armour shorts (you really got to try that if you haven't done so already).  For my own tastes I'm not really into costumes or role play when it comes to wrestling, but I have to admit that I like these pics from a recent match Muscle Domination Wrestling produced.  It features hulking bodybuilder Specimen beating up Damien Rush with both wrestlers dressed as gladiators.  I guess it's hard not to be moved by anything that ends with an otk backbreaker and a cocky biceps flex.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Muscle Collection

Our good friend over at Italian Muscle has posted previews of videos featuring not only himself but also of other European muscle studs.  It looks like our Italian buddy has hooked up with another web company called Muscle Collection.  Some of these dudes are just flexing, but others are wrestling, including the two Hungarian studs we see here.  With the singlets and the wrestling mat, these pics kinda tie in to my last post about amateur action and lift and carry in wrestling.  From the video clip of these two dudes it doesn't look like this is a real wrestling match, but they do show some good wrestling moves and I like the amateur wrestling theme.  It reminds me of great times spent horsing around with my buddies on the wrestling team.  Seriously, after seeing these pics how can you not say that being a wrestler is the best thing ever?

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Brock Hammer

I'm a fan of Movimus Wrestling.  Just put two guys out on a mat to face each other to prove who is the better man.  There are no coaches, no crowds, no refs.  Just the two wrestlers.  It's about as pure as wrestling gets.  Unfortunately, Movimus Wrestling doesn't really fit very well into the lift and carry theme of my blog, but luckily in the world of wrestling the opportunity is always there.  A couple of years ago Movimus put out a match featuring the larger, brawny Brock Hammer (at 6' 2" and 212 pounds) wrestling the muscular Reilly (at 5' 10" and 196 pounds).  One of the cool things about this match is one point while the two dudes are wrestling on the mat, Brock Hammer gets a good hold through Reilly's crotch and scoops him up all the way into the air.  It's an impressive power move and featured up front on the preview video.  Back in high school on at least one occasion I remember seeing a wrestler pick up his opponent like that in a match.  I had always wanted to do the same in real competition, but the opportunity never really presented itself, and my strength in wrestling was really down on the mat.  Still, in practice wrestling around with some of the lighter weights or just messing around with some of my buddies who weren't wrestlers, I could do it.  It just felt fucking awesome to show off how strong I was and to be in total control over another dude like that.  I guess it's no secret that's why I love wrestling lift and carry so much.  Anyway, mega kudos to Brock Hammer for executing such a dominant and impressive move on Reilly. Be sure to check out Inner Jobber for some more commentary on this match.