Friday, August 15, 2014

Muscles in Action

I know it has been many months since my last post.  I guess over the past year I have found less and less time to spend on this blog, and to be honest, it's probably pretty much run its course.  How much more can you say about a bodyslam anyway?  Luckily, while I may be running out of words to say, wrestling productions are still turning out products that continue to inspire, and every once in a while I come across some things that are worth saying a few words about.  If you have followed this blog, it's no secret that I like OTK backbreakers, so you can figure out why these pictures appeal to me.  The first two action photos come from a match at Thunders Arena featuring Brad Barnes against Tak.  I've seen the whole match and found it well worth the price of admission.  The backbreaker Barnes gives Tak is probably one of the best I have seen.  It actually begins with Barnes flat on his back and Tak on top of him.  Barnes takes a hold of Tak and somehow works his way to his feet, taking Tak up with him.  It's a testament to the strength and power of the bodybuilder wrestler.  But the best is yet to come when Barnes drops Tak over his knee and holds him there for almost  minute.  Tak squirms and cries out in agony, but he just can't break free of Barnes' powerful arms.  It's pretty impressive.  The next photos come from a match at No Rules Wrestling between Dave Calbrese and Lorenzo Smalls.  I haven't seen the entire match, but from the preview, it looks like Calbrese gets in some good power moves, including this sick OTK backbreaker.

Aside from the crotchlifts and backbreakers, it's the specific pairing of wrestlers in these two matches that leads to good quality action (at least in my opinion).  I have always liked a wrestling contest where a muscular wrestler dominates a slightly smaller opponent.  Maybe it's because I was a wrestler back in school, so I like to see the muscle guy win.  In his match against Tak, Brad Barnes does a lot of showing off and flexing of muscles, and then he puts those muscles to good use with his awesome backbreaker.  Dave Calbrese's muscularity is readily evident in the third photo, especially compared to the much leaner Lorenzo, who fruitlessly struggles in Calbrese's powerful arms.  All in all, both matches present a great combination of muscles, lean bodies, and power moves.

Well, I hope you dudes enjoy these photos.  Let's hope it won't be another six months before I make another post.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Beefcake Brian Cage

I know I haven't been posting much lately, but it's been getting harder for me to spend time on my blog.  But I couldn't pass up the opportunity to post these pictures of Brian Cage in action for Pro Wrestling Guerilla in California.  This is also my way of tipping my hat to Bruno and his Beefcakes of Wrestling blog, of which I am a fan.  The first two action photos are particularly awesome because they show Brian Cage tossing around fellow beefcake wrestler Tony Nese.  The next two photos feature Cage humiliating two jobbers whose names I don't care to learn.  There's just something about a muscled up dude taking apart an inferior opponent in a wrestling ring.  All in all, I like these pictures.  (By the way, great photos by Devin Chen photography.)

Friday, February 7, 2014


I've been surfing the net looking for more good action photos of Kota Ibushi and Hiroshi Yamato, but they have been hard to come by (good bodyslam photos at least).  On the plus side, I've come across other good action pics to share, all keeping with my current celebration of Japan and its unique version of pro wrestling known as Puroresu.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hiroshi Yamato

I want to stay in Japan and this time take a look at Hiroshi Yamato of All Japan Pro Wrestling.  He's a lean, muscular dude at 5'10" and 180 pounds.  Yamato has an amateur wrestling background, and these skills are evident in his pro matches with his frequent use of suplexes.  Of course, he does a nice bodyslam now and then, too.  Check him out in action on YouTube.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kota Ibushi

Japanese wrestler Kota Ibushi comes in at a strapping 5'11" and 190 pounds.  Very good stats for a wrestler, in my opinion.  In the past he's appeared at Ring Of Honor, but his current home is Dramatic Dream Team (DDT) wrestling in Japan.  DDT has several videos on YouTube that are worth checking out.  They have put on shows in some creative locations outside of a ring, including an apartment complex, a camp ground, and a parking lot.  I like the originality of it.  They think outside the box (or squared circle).

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Leon Shah

It's time for another Beefcake Bodyslam post.  Regularly I like to check out what Bruno is posting over at his Beefcakes of Wrestling blog, and lately he's been giving a lot of attention to British wrestler Leon Shah.  Here are some photos of Shah in action during a match against the UK Kid, and it looks like Shah can't get enough of bodyslamming his opponent.  To see more pictures of Shah in action, be sure to check out all that Bruno has to offer.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Classic Tak

At the end of my last post I noted that it was a new year but that the old classics never get old.  A classic I never tire of seeing is Tak being tossed around at Thunders Arena by some big muscle guy, and that's just what TA gives us in a recent match.  This time the muscle dude is a new wrestler known as Mutant.  Thanks for getting 2014 off to a good start, Tak!