Friday, March 27, 2020

What's In A Name?

In the world of wrestling, it's always hard to find out that you're not the best.  There are always other dudes out there who are bigger and stronger.  Cena (aka Tanner Hill) is one of my favorite wrestlers.  I hate to see him lose, but during a match at Underground Wrestler, he runs into someone bigger and stronger in the form of Brian Cage.  A bodybuilder and experienced professional wrestler, at 260 pounds of solid muscle Cage is a formidable opponent for anyone.  Our poor golden boy Cena doesn't stand a chance.  Things get off to a bad start when Cage learns Cena's name.  "You mean like John Cena?  That's awful!"  Then Cena makes the mistake of questioning how strong Cage really is.  Talk about a dumb blond moment.  For the rest of the match, Cena finds out just how strong his opponent really is, and our favorite blond wrestler becomes little more than a play thing for big, bad Brian Cage.  Oh, well.  You can't win them all.  Let's hope for his next bout, Cena/Tanner finds himself matched up with a guy closer to his size.

Cena takes his beating like a man!

Friday, March 20, 2020

Full Nelson

If you are a fan of the full nelson (and who isn't), then this match is for you.  Underground Wrestler  produced a match between Cena (aka Tanner Hill) and Blayne feeaturing the full nelson.  As Blayne confidently climbs into the ring, he boasts to Cena, "I'm going to full nelson the fuck out of you!"  Well, Blayne clamps on the first full nelson when the match begins, but it doesn't take long for Cena to power out of it.  Thereafter, Cena makes Blayne regret even mentioning the full nelson in the first place.

Over the remaining course of the match, Cena subjects Blayne to multiple full nelsons, and Blayne tries in vain to break free time and time again.  And after he realizes Cena is just too strong for him, Blayne begs Cena not to do it anymore.  But of course, as any wrestler can tell you, when your opponent begs you to stop doing something, you just want to punish him more.  So, if you like seeing Cena being the badboy (and who doesn't), or if you like seeing Blayne made to suffer (and who doesn't), then this match is for you.

Although this video is all about the full nelson, Cena's a total badass and knows that the bodyslam is where it's at, especially when he wants to be featured in this blog.  He can't help but give Blayne a little extra pain and punishment before the match is over with.

And speaking about Underground Wrestler, they've been a little quiet lately.  Anyone know what's up with Marco and his crew?

Saturday, March 14, 2020

School's In Session

No Rules Wrestling is not a fancy or glitzy wrestling production by any means, but I've always enjoyed their videos.  Periodically NRW will release videos of a new wrestler receiving training at their so-called "Fight School".  Usually, it's Dave Calbrese, the undisputed wrestling master of NRW, who gives the training.  And recently, newcomer Ben Shaw has been in the "classroom" to learn from the master.  I think it's great that while the rest of the world is hunkering down in the bunker out of fear of the coming apacolypse, class remains in session with Professor Calbrese.

Slams and spine torture are on the syllabus for young Ben Shaw at NRW's Fight School, and there's no better wrestler than Dave Calbrese, the expert on bodyslams and backbreakers, to teach Ben.  Luckily for Ben and Dave, another newcomer, Luke White, has graciously agreed to be the wrestling dummy during instruction.  If I were the one handing out grades for this course, I would give Ben a "B" for how well he executes the moves.  He's got some room for improvement, but as a newby, he's looking pretty good.  As for Luke White, technically he's not the student here, but he definitely earns an "A+" for being a suffering jobber.

As for Dave Calbrese, he's about as good as it gets.  One day I'm going to start my own underground wrestling company and begin producing matches of my own.  Bodyslams, gorilla presses, OTK backbreakers, and torture racks will feature prominantly in my matches.  And there's no doubt I need to bring in Dave Calbrese as a trainer for my stable of wrestlers.

Professor Dave Calbrese, PhD in Wrestling

On a more serious note, please check out the NRW website to see how you can help out its wrestlers during the current pandemic.  Click here.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Fan Appreciation

I've thought about contacting some of the underground wrestling productions to ask about a tour, meet some of the wrestlers, maybe even watch some matches being filmed.  Afterall, I'm an influencer in the world of wrestling, I've promoted their products, so don't they owe me something like that?  Maybe if I had more than seven people reading my posts, I would have better luck catching the attention of the guys who run these companies.  But it looks like Cameron Matthews had a fan appreciation day a little while back where some lucky loser got to meet Dark Detective (Austin Cooper) and Detective Boy (Scrappy) at Hero Hunks.

Things start off awesome for our lucky fanboy when both Austin and Scrappy treat the dude to an impressive display of strength by pressing him overhead.  This is exactly the kind of experience I want when I get the chance to meet some of my favorite wrestlers.  But unfortunately for our fanboy, things quickly begin to unravel.  His big mistake is telling Austin that Scrappy is stronger.  Austin is second to no one, so he takes offense and quickly turns on the fanboy.  And Scrappy, who up to this point appears at best to be mildly annoyed with fanboy, quickly joins in on the punishment.  As for the remainder of fan appreciation day, well, I guess the pictures give you a little taste of what fanboy had to endure, finding himself hogtied in the end.  To be honest, if Cameron ever plans another fan appreciation day, after seeing this match I can't decide if I would skip it or run to the front of the line.  Seeing fanboy hogtied like that give me so many conflicting emotions . . .

Scrappy knows how to show his fans some love!

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Weekend Wrestling

Whoa, what's this?! Another new underground wrestling company?  This weekend I stumbled across a new site called Weekend Wrestling.  Three matches have just been released, and weekly updates with new matches and galleries are promised.  If I understand right, Cole Cassidy is the man running the show here.  Featured wrestlers so far in addition to Cole include mostly familiar faces, such as the Z-Man, Max Ryder, and Zach Reno.  You know, while it would be nice to see a brand new wrestling company with a completely fresh batch of wrestlers, I can't gripe at all if Weekend Wrestling gives some of our favorite guys another venue in which they can show off their stuff.  There must be a law out there somewhere that says Z-Man has to be on the roster of any new underground wrestling company, and I'm not complaining.  This stud shows no sign of slowing down!

It's nice to see Zach Reno getting in a heel moment.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Bash Wednesday

I hope this post does not come across as sacreligious.  I certainly don't mean it that way at all.  It's Ash Wednesday, and earlier today I was at a church service where the priest said a few things about suffering and enduring.  Later, when I thought back on what was said, I couldn't help but think of Zach Reno and my last post about all the suffering he endured in his match at Wrestler4Hire against MarkO.  It seems that match isn't the only one where Zach gets tossed around and tortured by a bigger guy.

These screenshots come from a match at Undergound Championship Wrestling between Zach (or "Zack" as he's called at UCW) and Gabe Steel, and Zach suffers and endures a lot here, too.  Gabe Steel is beefier than I generally like in a wrestler, but in this match he's the stronger and bigger dude, and he takes advantage of it.  Now, don't be fooled by the pictures I've chosen to post.  This match in no way is a squash job.  But there are lots of lifts and carries and slams, so for my tastes, Gabe delivers.  And as he suffers and endures, Zach responds by giving us many more of those "faces of pain" that we love to see. 

Maybe Zach should give up wrestling for Lent.

For more commentary and pics from this match, be sure to check out Alex at the Cave, Joe at Ringside, and Wrestling Arsenal.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Faces of Pain

A good squash job doesn't just rely on a dominant heel.  You also need a jobber boy who can play the role.  I recently checked out a match at Wrestler4Hire between MarkO and Zach Reno.  The write up about the match on the webpage leaves little doubt this is a classic heel versus jobber match.  And let me tell you, Zach Reno really sells the jobber role. 

MarkO is cocky, confident, aggressive, and has the body to back it all up in the wrestling ring as the heel.  Zach is no pushover himself, but in this match he doesn't stand a chance against his muscular opponent.  This match is equally about MarkO as the alpha wrestler as it is about Zach Reno the suffering jobber.  We know pro-style wrestling is really about the entertainment and drama of the conflict, but Zach sells his suffering so well at times, I get the impression Zach's faces of pain are genuine.

Now, as much as I like seeing a good jobber punished, I'm more entertained at the sight of a muscular heel dominating.  That's the main reason I purchased this match.  The lift and carry aspect of this match does not disappoint.  Seeing the ripped, muscular MarkO repeatedly hoist Zach Reno into the air and toss him about checks all my boxes.  We get bodyslams, suplexes, a killer torture rack, gorilla presses (yes, that's plural), plus a devastating series of over-the-knee backbreakers that it's a wonder Zach can still walk.  MarkO is a muscle freak, and his performance is so dominant we have little doubt that Zach's suffering is real.  At the end of the match, I find it hard to decide which wrestler I envy more.  But as much as I hate to admit it, it's probably Zach because he gets to be MarkO's little bitch.

The suffering jobberboy needs a little break!