Friday, February 12, 2016

Tiki Pepper

Not long ago I had a post about Tiki Pepper at No Rules Wrestling tossing around a really little dude named Skeeter.  I think you guys enjoyed seeing this stud in action, so here you go with some more wrestling pictures.  Tiki had some matches against longtime NRW wrestler Matt Meadlock who probably offers a better match up than Skeeter since he comes in at 5'10" and 165 pounds.  But Tiki is a big dude at 210 pounds, so it still doesn't take much effort on his part to dominate Meadlock.  These photos come from a match called Slam School where, you guessed it, Tiki uses Meadlock as a wrestling dummy to practice his bodyslams.  One thing I like about NRW is how they sometimes produce a video that features a particular wrestling move over and over again.  It should come as no surprise that I like the bodyslam ones.  Tiki looks spectacular as he repeatedly lifts and slams Meadlock.  I wish I could offer my services to NRW and have Tiki practice on me.

The NRW website calls Tiki an "exotic" wrestler from the Carribean who has disappered but is welcome back.  This dude is truly alpha and I hope he reappears in the ring someday soon.  Like any good alpha wrestler, Tiki knows other power moves as well.  NRW says forget about it if Tiki slaps on a bearhug, so that must be his signature move.  Even in the Slam School video, Meadlock has to endure some awesome looking bearhugs.  Bodyslams and bearhugs.  It doesn't get much more alpha than that.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl of Wrestling

It's Super Bowl Sunday, a day for a battle of champions!  The Super Bowl is a pretty big deal, but champions battle it out in other sports all the time.  Rock Hard Wrestling has created a series of matches called King of the Ring where champion caliber wrestlers meet in the squared circle.  About a year ago the second in the KOTR series featured Alex Waters against Dash Decker.  Alex Waters has a lot of ring experience with RHW, while at the time of the match Dash was a relative newcomer.  But Dash's size, power, and skill are not to be overlooked.  Both wrestlers fight hard and liberally use bodyslams and other high powered moves in the struggle to establish their Alpha dominance.

Can Alex's experience overcome Dash's strength and power?  Or is it time for a new king to ascend the throne at RHW?

UPDATE: And speaking of the Super Bowl, Thunders Arena is offering a free download today with $50 in purchases in honor of Super Bowl 50.  Check it out!

Friday, February 5, 2016

The Sport of Men

Younger wrestlers like to point out that boys play basketball but men wrestle.  That's all well and good in high school, but sometimes a wrestler can find himself to be just a boy among men.  That happens in a wrestling video at No Rules Wrestling when a little dude named Skeeter steps into the ring to face Tiki Pepper.  Before the action begins, Tiki warns Skeeter that this is a man's game, but Skeeter insists he's ready.  Of course, it doesn't take long for the much larger Tiki to take control.  The size disparity really becomes evident when Tiki picks Skeeter up for a bearhug.  The dude is huge.  Tiki is 6' 2" and 210 pounds, and in his arms the little 125 pound Skeeter looks like a child.  It's the classic big versus little wrestling match which I like to see now and then.  At one point, Tiki really wants to gorilla press Skeeter, but he's prevented from doing so by the low ceiling at the NRW studios.  That's too bad because I wanted to see it as much as Tiki wanted to do it, but the ease with which Tiki holds little Skeeter in the air is pretty impressive.

NRW put Skeeter and Tiki together in the ring in a couple of other videos, too.  Surely there has to be some violation of child labor laws in doing this, but I won't complain.

The wife beater and military fatigues in the first picture is a good look for Tiki as he carries Skeeter around the ring.  And he's impressive in another match when he effortlessly scoops Skeeter off the ground and hoists him high into the air.  There can be no dispute that Tiki Pepper is the true alpha wrestler in these match ups.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Summer Down Under

We are in the midst of winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, and some of us have had to put up with cold temperatures and a lot of snow.  So to help warm you up, enjoy these sizzling hot bodyslam action pics from Australia, where it's the middle of summer.  If these photos get you in the mood to travel Down Under to enjoy the warmer temps and the wrestling action, be careful.  They got some strange creatures down there, so if you make the trip be sure to prepare yourself in case you run into one of these:

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Alpha Dudes

I've said before that the gorilla press is the alpha of all wrestling moves.  And it's not just for pro wrestlers.  What better way to prove that you are a true alpha than by pressing another guy overhead?  This post is dedicated to those dudes outside of pro wrestling who know the ultimate way to mark their territory.  If you come across an alpha like this, you better be careful.  The first picture of the group is my favorite. "What did I tell you about stealing my protein powder?!" the alpha stud shouts as he gorilla presses his roommate and tosses him through the living room wall.  It's not easy living with an alpha.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wrestling Practice

As with any sport, the best way to learn how to wrestle is through practice.  I remember as a kid going to practice and learning from the guys who had more experience, and as I got older and better, I liked to share some of my techniques with the newer wrestlers.  The same is true in the world of internet wrestling, as we see from Thunders Arena who gives us a little insight into the training of a new wrestler.  Many of you guys probably are familiar already with Travis, a recent addition to the TA roster at 5'8" and 200 pounds.  To borrow TA's own words, Travis is a young, ripped bodybuilder, but he's a terrible wrestler.  So what better way for him to improve than to practice with an experienced dude like Frey?  Mr. Mike at TA was kind enough to give me a sneak preview of this video where Frey tries to teach Travis a thing or two.  It's almost as if TA created this video just for my blog, because Frey begins with the bodyslam, having to show Travis several times before he gets it right.  But Travis proves to be a good learner.  If you are into muscle on muscle wrestling and lift and carry moves, then you are going to love watching Frey teach Travis some of his favorite techniques.  And in the process you'll learn Travis' secret potion for achieving such a muscular body.

Not long ago in another post I wished that Travis would face off in a match against Tak so he could gorilla press the smaller guy.  But Travis obviously has other ideas.  When you are a muscle stud like he is, why waste your powers on a scrawny dude when you can press another musclestud overhead?

You know, when you can gorilla press a dude like Frey, you have earned the right to flex.  Remember kids, don't try this at home.  Leave it to the professionals.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

More Jed

After my last post I could hear the chants of "Jed!  Jed!  Jed!" coming from all the blog fans who want to see more of the musclestud Jed Jamison.  Luckily I have come across some other good action pics from his days at BG East.  Above we get another good view of Jamison bodyslamming Brad Rochelle in his debut match, and then in his next match he sets up Braden Charron for a powerslam.  Jed gets all alpha by gorilla pressing Shayn Layn, and then he later demolishes the muscled jobber boy Alexi Adamov with a nicely executed scoopslam.  It looks like Jed Jamison only appeared in five matches for BG East.  Too bad the dude didn't make a bigger career out of underground wrestling, but at least his short time in the ring gave us plenty of things to enjoy.  His matches are still available at BG East if you want to check them out.