Sunday, November 4, 2018


In my Halloween post I confessed that I'm a real coward when it comes to horror movies.  So when 88Wrestling recently promoted a new match by featuring Chase Lundquist brandishing an ax (axe?), I began to worry this would be another slasher-flick type contest, and I would need to keep my hands over my eyes for much of the match.

Sure, at first, Chase looks menacing as he waves the ax at his opponent, Tanner Hill.  But luckily Chase is not some crazed serial killer.  He's a lumberjack.  And a jacked one at that.  Hence the name of the match, "Lumberjacked."  Of course, Tanner isn't going to be out-jacked by anyone, and he also gets his chance to swing the ax around a bit, teaching Chase a valuable lesson about bringing foreign objects into the ring.  And that's about it for the ax, and this is not a blood and gore type horror match.  And this is not a match where you want to cover your eyes.  It's a wrestling match between Chase Lundquist and Tanner Hill.  And you can't take your eyes off these guys.

Both Chase and Tanner are the type of wrestlers I love to see in the ring.  They are young and cocky, boast powerful physiques, but not too big . . . the perfect specimens of aesthetic muscles.  They represent why I like 88Wrestling so much (and its predecessor Rock Hard Wrestling).  Not only do I like to see guys like these in the ring, I also like to see them dominate.  So this actually creates a little dilemma for me here.  Who do I pull for in this match?  Eventually I decide it doesn't really matter.  I'm a winner either way.  I like the back and forth action.  Plus there's a lot of sweat as the wrestlers punish each other, making their muscles glisten in the lights.  Trust me, boys.  You'll want to keep your eyes wide open throughout the entire match.

Blonds and biceps . . . a winning combination!

For more pics and commentary, check out Joe and Ringside.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Fright Night

It's Halloween, and Thunders Arena was nice enough to give me a look at their Halloween Havoc series.  This year it features four matches.  The first one I checked out has Blayne against a Mystery Man.  The two begin wrestling wearing colorful carnival style maskes.  You'd think that would not be scary at all, but you'd be wrong.  Or at least for me.  I was surprised to find the masks kind of creepy, but in a good way, you know.  The kind of creepy you want to have for Halloween.

Then I moved on to another match that features our All-American Eagle being ambushed by a guy wearing a Ghostface mask (from the Scream movies).  Holy shit!  Those movies really scared the crap out of me when I was a kid, and even today seeing Eagle getting attacked by Ghostface has the potential to give me nightmares tonight.  As much as I hate to admit it, I have always been a wuss when it comes to horror movies.  Luckily, in this match Eagle eventually removes the mask to reveal his good buddy Cason.  The video then progresses into a good old fashioned wrestling match between two muscleboys in the pool at night.  That's guaranteed to give just about any guy sweet dreams at bed time.

There are two more matches that are part of this year's Halloween Havoc, but I did not have time to review them.  But you can check all four matches out at the TA website.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Tsunami Warning

You may have gotten the impression from my recent post about Scrappy and Christian Thorn at Hero Hunks that their match was a real squash job by Scrappy.  But don't be so fooled!  Both wrestlers had their moments as heel and jobber.  The last post highlighted "White Wolf" Scrappy.  This one looks at Christian, who appears in the match as his superhero alter-ego Tsunami.  I'm not quite sure what his powers are, other than being strong as fuck.  With the yellow gloves on his hands, maybe he's super fast at washing dishes, too.  Who knows.  It doesn't really matter so long as he wrestles.  Christian is one of those wrestlers who comes across as a small guy, especially in the world of pro-style wrestling, but at the same time he also looks like a big guy.  It's those arms of his.  Those muscles are huge!  I think Scrappy looks much bigger than Christian in this match because Scrappy is layered in thick muscles.  But Christian shows that he's no pushover, and he uses those big muscled arms of his to toss Scrappy around a good bit.  Overall, the match has good back and forth action with each wrestler showing off his skill, power, and muscles.  I look forward to seeing both Christian and Scrappy as superheroes in future matches at Hero Hunks.

By the way, it's time for another Backbreaker Monday, this time brought to you by "Tsunami" Christian Thorn.  Thanks Christian!

WARNING:  Tsunami may be hazardous to your health!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

All American Jobber

In some of my other posts about Taylor Reign of Muscleboy Wrestling, I joke about the possibility of Taylor being the boss at Muscleboy.  Afterall, he's got a few good matches out there being a Grade A heel.  But to be honest, Taylor is a versatile wrestler, and he does great playing jobber, too.  We saw that in his match against Nick Flex.  Don't get me wrong.  I love Taylor the heel, but you can't ignore the appeal of Taylor the jobber.  Taylor is smooth and lean, he's clean cut, has boyish good looks . . . he's the All-American jobber we love to see suffer.

And suffer he does!  What makes a wrestler a good jobber is his ability to endure the punishment, and Taylor does a great job of enduring.  We see that in another match of his at Muscleboy where Taylor faces off against Chris Cannon.  A great jobber needs a great heel, and that's exactly what we get in Cannon who really manhandles Taylor with multiple power moves, like suplexes, racks, and bodyslams.  And if you are a fan of the tombstone piledriver (and who isn't?), Cannon does not disappoint.  It's one of his specialties.  Meanwhile, Taylor endures throughout.  All in all, it's a fun jobber vs heel match where each wrestler compliments the other.  Taylor's performance as jobber makes Cannon shine as the heel, and Cannon's performance as the heel makes Taylor shine as the All American jobber.

Taylor the jobber . . . the boy knows how to suffer!

PS - To see more pics and commentary about this match, be sure to check out Joe's always insightful thoughts at his Ringside blog.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

All American Heel

It was almost three years ago when Eagle made his debut at Thunders Arena as an innocent looking, cornfed Indiana farmboy looking to make it big in the world of underground wrestling.  Since then, Eagle has become one of the more prolific wrestlers at TA, appearing in almost fifty matches to date.  And he's no longer just a naive countryboy trying to make his way on the mean streets of Thunders Arena.  Today, our Eagle is all grown up, and he makes a powerful heel with his All American, clean cut good looks and his amazing muscular physique.  He's got the face, the abs, the bulging biceps, powerful pecs, stunning traps, and thick thighs.  For me, this is the perfect kind of heel.  This is exactly the kind of guy I want to see dominate in a wrestling match.  I just love to see the weaker wrestler suffer at the hands of the All American musclestud.

In one of his recent matches at TA, Eagle engages in some poolside wrestling with Bolt.  With Eagle being 200 pounds of solid muscle, this is the perfect opportunity to show his heel side against the 150 pound Bolt.  And Eagle takes full advantage by punishing little Bolt with several power moves, like bearhugs, torture racks, and the studliest of all wrestling moves, the gorilla press.  Now, one minor thing that irked me about this video is that Eagle seems annoyed at times that he has to deal with Bolt, as if he just wants to be left alone.  But if I were a twenty-something musclestud with the physique and power of Eagle, I would not hesitate to savor ever second I could get my hands on Bolt (or any other guy) and assert my alpha-male dominance.  Luckily, when the two wrestlers do lock up in this match, that's what we get.  Once Eagle gets his hands on his smaller opponent, he pretty much bends and manipulates Bolt's body to his own will.

So, what do you do after you emasculate another dude with a gorilla press?  You flex those biceps in triumph like the fucking certified muscleboy that you are!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Hero Hunks

I'm sure all you guys remember my blog post a few months back about wrestler "Tarzan" Tyler Reese.  In that post I admitted that when I was younger I imagined fantasy wrestling matches between fictional characters, such as Spider-Man and Tarzan.  Superheroes obviously featured in those fantasy . . . guys in tights locked in hand to hand combat . . . wearing masks . . . big muscles on display.  What's not to love about that?  Not long after that post, I saw Cameron Matthews had begun featuring his Wrestler4Hire athletes in superhero theme matches under the moniker of Hero Hunks.  It made me wonder if Cameron was reading my mind.  Just this week, Hero Hunks promoted a match featuring Scrappy and Christian Thorn, both of whom have to be in the the top five (if not the top two) of my favorite wrestlers at W4H.  Now I know Cameron is definitely reading my mind.

The match features Scrappy as "White Wolf" while Christian wrestles as "Tsunami".  Both of these guys are small in stature, at least when compared to many of the big wrestlers at W4H.  But Scrappy and Christian have big muscles, and they love to show them off.  That's what makes this match so fun to watch.  And Scrappy in particular, there's just something about him, with his massive chest and shoulders, his big biceps . . . the dude just exudes masculine power.  He uses that power throughout the match to punish Christian with bearhugs, fireman's carries, backbreakers, and the most alpha of all wrestling moves, the gorilla press.  Looks how those veins pop in his bulging biceps!

I don't know how well you can see this, but Scrappy presses "Tsunami" over his head with no help at all from Christian.  Often times with a gorilla press, you see the one dude help by placing his hands on the other guy's shoulder, but here the move is all Scrappy.  He's got the tights, the mask, and the big muscles.  Scrappy is all hunk and all hero in this match.  Awesome!

So going a little further with this theme, like I mentioned above, Spider-Man featured large in my fantasy wrestling matches.  Here we see a picture I found on the internet of Dante from Muscleboy Wrestling dressed as Spider-Man.  This isn't from a wrestling match, but holy fuck, talk about a hunky hero!  Someone needs to get Dante in the ring so I can watch Spider-Man bodyslam the shit out of some other tights-clad, masked hero and make my wrestling fantasy come to life!

Monday, October 8, 2018

Power to the People!

I have openly wondered before who the owner of Muscleboy Wrestling is, suspecting that it must be one of the wrestlers on the roster.  Taylor Reign is one wrestler who is high on the list as the possible boss.  We've seen him in a match where he dominated the muscular Justin Powers, and it makes you wonder if Powers had to take a fall in that match just to please the boss.  Now today here's another match from Muscleboy I want to feature where Taylor Reign wrestles a bigger opponent in Dante.  On the website, Taylor is listed at 170 pounds, which seems generous to me given his slender (albeit ripped) physique.  Meanwhile, young Dante from Mexico weighs in at a muscular 185 pounds.  On paper, this match should be an easy win for Dante, but when the wrestling starts, Taylor controls much of the action.  To me at least, this is more evidence Taylor is running the show at Muscleboy.  But assuming that's the case, in this match Dante is having some problems taking orders from the boss.  For parts of the match, it's almost like he knows he's supposed to take the punishment to make the boss look good, but then other times he just can't help himself, so he outmuscles Taylor to take control and dish out some punishment of his own.  Like an exploited and mistreated employee, it's like Dante has finally had all the abuse he can take from "The Man", and he decides to fight back.

The times when Dante chooses to beat up on the boss, he scores one for the little people everywhere.  And he does so with some nice power moves, too.  As you can see above, at one point Dante gets the boss in a crushing bearhug, and another time he dominates the boss with a punishing torture rack.  And my favorite, of course, has to be when Dante scoops Taylor up with a crotchlift and drops him over the knee for a hard backbreaker.  I just love how Dante wraps his arms around Taylor's body and grips him tight with his hands balled up into a fist.  There's just something super-alpha about the way he does that.

And on the subject of breaking the boss's back, it's a Monday, so it's time to celebrate another Backbreaker Monday, courtesy of Dante:

Who among us hasn't at one time wanted to be like Dante, to scoop up some jack-ass boss (or arrogant teacher or school bully or lame assistant wrestling coach who will remain nameless) and break his miserable, fucking back across the knee?  Surely, I'm not the only one.

Keep flexing those muscles, Dante!  Power to the people!

PS - New matches coming out at Muscleboy Wrestling in a week or so.  Keep a watch out!