Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sick Day

Recently I was home sick for the day, and what better way to spend a sick day than surfing the internet for bodyslam pics and videos?  On Youtube I came across some more wrestling videos from a group of Russian and/or Ukrainian bodybuilders that I've featured before in my blog.  Here are some pics from a match featuring an 18 year old bodybuilder named Vlad Storm dominating a skinny dude.  I've only seen the preview and not the whole thing, but it looks like something a lift and carry fan would really enjoy.  You can buy the whole video, but I'd be a little concerned about giving credit card info over the internet to someone in Russia or the Ukraine.  So that just leaves us with the previews, which are pretty entertaining in themselves.  In heavily accented English, we get to hear Vlad taunt his opponent as "little skinny boy" and then later announce "I crush you" before he drops the other dude over his knee for a back breaker.  And Vlad does all this with a big grin, clearly enjoying the benefits that come with being a muscle stud.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Cole Knows Bodyslams

Check out this link for an awesome Youtube clip of Cole Cassidy bodyslamming Alexi Adamov during a BG East match.  There's so much to like about this bodyslam.  The best part is how Cole Cassidy grabs Alexi's shorts when he scoops him up and carries him around.  I've complimented Cole about this technique in my blog before.  It just makes the bodyslam that much more awesome.  Cole says that "hoisting a dude up by the crotch says everything about who's completely in control, however, when the trunks are used for leverage, it sends an additional message that the recipient is only wearing those trunks because he is being allowed to by the opponent.  That's overwhelming control in my book."  Cole Cassidy clearly understands the bodyslam.

The size difference between these two wrestlers is pretty noticeable.  For this match, BGE puts Cole Cassidy at 5' 8" and 165 pounds, while Alexi Adamov comes in at 6' 3" and 220 pounds.  But Cole has no problem hoisting his bigger opponent up to carry him around the ring before delivering a big bodyslam.  As he's writhing on the mat in pain after being slammed, you hear Alexi say, "You're fucking strong for a little guy."  That's another thing that's so great about this bodyslam.  There's no more chest bumping, no bravado, no smack talk coming from your opponent.  He's been slammed hard and humbled to the point that he compliments you.  That's when you know you've reached alpha male status on the wrestling mat.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dash Decker

Dash Decker is a relatively new face that Rock Hard Wrestling introduced recently.  At 6' and 200 pounds, he's got a good physical presence in the ring.  According to his bio, he's a successful bodybuilder with prior amateur wrestling experience.  Like I've said before, bodybuilding and wrestling make a great combination.  Dash's opponent in one of his early matches is Matt Engel, who also claims to be a bodybuilder.  And while Matt is pretty impressive in his own right, at 5' 9" and 155 pounds, it looks like he's got a way to go before he can catch up with Dash.  I'd say that Dash wins the flex off between the two before the wrestling begins.  And once the wrestling starts, Dash handles himself pretty well, using his superior strength and size to his definite advantage.  For more on Dash's match against Matt, check out Joe's blog at Ringside.

As good as Dash looks in the ring, he's still lacking in experience.  This was evident during the match when Dash tried to powerslam Matt on the rebound after whipping him against the ropes.  I like the looks on their faces in the pic below.  They both know the move didn't go quite as planned.  I'm not sure what's worse, being powerslammed or being fingered like that.  I don't know if Dash and Matt were friends before they filmed their match, but it looks like they got to know each other pretty well during it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Kevin Calbrese

No Rules Wrestling just uploaded a new match featuring lean, muscular Jordan Prince being squashed by Kevin Calbrese, or KCal as he is affectionately known at NRW.  I've done many posts about KCal's brother, Dave Calbrese, who probably is the best wrestler that NRW has on its roster, but this is my first with KCal.  The match is notable because of the number of bodyslams KCal uses during the demolition.  I've seen several of Jordan's other matches, and while he's not a bad wrestler, it doesn't look like he can scoopslam a guy to save his life.  Of course, I'm all about the bodyslam in this blog, and I would love to see Jordan do a few to some hapless opponent.  Let's hope his beating by KCal has taught him how effective a move the bodyslam can be.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Still King of the Ring

Although Alex Waters was named Wrestler of the Year in my last post, don't think he had an easy time of it during his Rock Hard Wrestling match against Austin Cooper.  On the contrary, Cooper gets in a lot of good shots against the cocky fratboy, including some spectacular looking bodyslams.  In the end, Cooper can still claim he's king of the ring.  You know, I don't get that look of anguish on Alex's face in the third picture.  He's not enjoying that ride nearly as much as I would.  Maybe he's too worried about how the ride is going to end.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Wrestler of the Year 2014


With the new year, it's time to honor the underground wrestler most deserving of recognition from last year.  And the winner of the Wrestler of the Year award for 2014 is cocky fratboy Alex Waters from Rock Hard Wrestling.  As I make this award, I am surprised that Alex has been featured in so few posts in my blog over the years.  He really puts on a good show in the ring.  Maybe 2015 will find more of Alex Waters in my blog.  In the mean time, enjoy these pics of Alex dishing out some back punishment on former WOTY Austin Cooper.  The king is dead.  Long live the king!