Thursday, June 30, 2011

More Own that Dude

Been busy this month and haven't posted much. Just to get in one more post, I'll continue on the theme from the last one. Mostly when I lift a dude for a bodyslam it's while we are doing pro fantasy, so they basically just let me scoop them up like that. And even though we are just playing around, I like it when other guys just submit to me and let me dominate them. It's fun to be the heel.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Own That Dude

There are many things I like about the bodyslam, but one of the best parts for me is the very beginning when I reach in between my opponent's legs to grab him. There's just something about sliding my arm in through his crotch to secure a deep and tight hold. If he's got a muscular butt, I make sure to grasp it. Just before I begin lifting him up there's that moment where I like to clench my hold of his body and pull him tightly into my chest. Usually I pause a second so he can feel my arm in his crotch and my hand squeezing his butt. I know I'm gripping him just right if he lets out a little gasp. It's that moment when I say to myself I own this dude.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Teen Show Offs

I remember in high school how my buddies and I loved to work out and display our strength and muscles (ok, some of us still like doing that). I guess it is normal for teen jocks to show off like that, and it seemed especially easy for wrestlers to do so. It was almost expected. Anyway, this guy takes the cake in the show off category. This video is really amazing as he repeatedly presses the other guy over his head. I especially love his smile. He just can't contain his excitement at being such a muscle dude. If I had been as strong as this in high school I would have been unbeatable on the wrestling mat.