Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Alex and Matt

I began the year with a tribute to Alex Waters in naming him Wrestler of the Year, so what better way to bring 2015 to a close than with another tribute to this wrestling stud?  About a year ago the cocky frat boy faced off in the ring against Matt Engel, the young aspiring bodybuilder.  Well, I don't know how well Matt's bodybuilding career is going, but hopefully it's better than his wrestling career.  This was his last match at Rock Hard Wrestling.  The young dude does have some good muscle on him, but from the first pic, I'd say that Alex boasts the more mature, masculine physique.  And the rest of these photos suggest that Alex is the more masculine and mature wrestler in the ring.

Alex Waters was a great pick for the Wrestler of the Year award, but time marches on and a new Wrestler of the Year will soon be named.  Who it will be is anyone's guess at the moment, but all ballots have been submitted and the accounting firm of Ernst & Young is tabulating the vote.  In just a few days we will have our answer, but until then, let's end 2015 like we began it with a spectacular muscleboy flex by Alex Waters.

Happy New Years and see you in 2016!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Season's Beatings

So this picture doesn't exactly go with the theme of my blog, but it goes with the theme of the holiday season.  It comes from a match at Spotland Scrappers where two elves get their revenge on Santa after he gives them an empty box of chocolates.  If Santa isn't good to you this year, then you may get some satisfaction in watching the video.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Mat Battle

A few years ago Can-Am Wrestling released a collection of matches called East Coast Mat Battle, and one contest has Braden Charron wrestling Cameron Matthews.  Braden is one of my favorite wrestlers out there because he has big muscles and knows how to use them.  How much punishment can young Cameron's back take as this Grade A side of beef delivers a series of bodyslams, backbreakers, and bearhugs?  Braden even effortlessly presses Cameron up overhead, leaving no doubt who the true alpha wrestler is.  Check out those biceps!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Alpha Wrestling

Although I don't post about Muscle Domination Wrestling regularly in my blog, I do like to check it out from time to time.  Their wrestling videos feature an eclectic mixture of styles and themes, and every once in a while they put something together that catches my attention.  This happened recently when MDW released its Season 18 matches, including one called Gorilla Press 1.  Everyone loves the gorilla press, right?  And what's not to love about it?  In the match description, MDW says: "True power emanates and resides in only the most Alpha of men. The gorilla press is the ultimate show of strength and dominance."  That's about as good a statement as any about why the gorilla press is so fucking awesome.  It's the alpha of all alpha wrestling moves.  This particular match presents Morgan Cruise wrestling with the much smaller Charlie Evans who weighs only 120 pounds, so it doesn't take much effort to hoist his body up overhead.  Morgan Cruise doesn't really possess the look of the alpha wrestlers I normally like to feature in my blog.  To be honest, the dude could stand to visit a barber (and maybe even consider a body wax).  But there is no denying he's the alpha wrestler here and looks pretty spectacular pressing Charlie over his head.

One of the things that excites me about this match is that it's called Gorilla Press 1.  So that means there will be a 2, right?  And maybe a 3 and 4 and so on?  We can surely hope so.  But MDW may want to invest in another location to film their matches.  From the pics above, it looks like the ceiling over the ring is pretty low, so a particularly tall alpha wrestler might end up putting his opponent through the roof if he's not careful.  But on second thought, I think that's something I'd like to see.   There are a lot of alpha wrestlers at MDW who I hope will appear in these types of matches, like Braden Charron, Cal Bennett, and Chance LaChance, just to name a few.  It looks like Mutant is getting in some practice, too, so maybe we'll see him next.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

"Sir" Austin and Post 400

Not long ago I featured Trent Novak in a post which included a couple of pics of Trent bodyslamming Austin Cooper during a match at Rock Hard Wrestling.  As usual, the post generated a lot of comments.  Ha ha, just kidding.  No one posted a comment.  But a couple of days later I did receive an email from Austin Cooper, and he was PISSED.  He accused me of being "anti-Coop" (forget the fact he's appeared in my blog over 20 times).  He said I made him look like a "nancy boy" getting beat up by some high school jock.  Austin assured me that he's no one's bitch and demanded that I set the record straight.  He also demanded that I call him "Sir" from now on.  What a prima donna.  Luckily for Austin - -  I mean "Sir" Austin - - I do my best to make people happy, so here are some more pictures from that wrestling match, just to show that Trent wasn't the only one getting in some stud-worthy moves.

Oh, you know the arm wrestling contest at the beginning of the video?  Well, just so you know, Trent wins that little competition (or is it not ok to mention that, Sir?):

By the way, this is post number 400 for me.  When I started this blog back in 2010, I didn't expect to still be doing it five years later.  In fact, there have been times when I thought I had run out of steam, but then some how or other, the wrestling muses would inspire me to keep on going.  And in particular I owe a special thanks to the guys at Thunders Arena and Rock Hard Wrestling (among others) for providing that inspiration on a regular basis with their high quality wrestling products.  Those dudes work hard to entertain us, so I hope you return the favor by checking out their websites.  Thanks for putting up with me these past five years!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Alex and Jake

You may recall at the beginning of the year that I announced Alex Waters had won the coveted Wrestler of the Year award.  The funny thing is, despite being a big fan of his, I really haven't featured Alex much in my blog.  Maybe this post will make up for it.  A couple of years ago Rock Hard Wrestling released a match with Alex wrestling Jake Jenkins.  Jake made a name for himself at RHW during the earlier seasons, while Alex has made an impact in later ones.  This promised to be a match of superstars, and I was not disappointed at all.  Don't let these "pretty boys" fool you.  They are also tough wrestlers through and through.  One thing I noticed is that there must be a mirror just outside the ring, because a few times Jake and Alex get distracted by their own reflections (kind of like parakeets).  I guess the "pretty boy" overcomes the "wrestler" in them at times.  Another thing I noticed is how Jake sweats (he says he looks good all sweaty as he admires himself in the mirror).  My experience in wrestling and martial arts has taught me that there are just some guys who really sweat while competing (hey, I'm on of them).  If the sweat is any indication, Jake really gets in a good workout here.  But anyway, since this post is supposed to be about Alex, here are some good action pics of him.  Alex really seemed to enjoy tossing and slamming Jake about the ring, so you know this is a match I really liked watching.  Now remember, Alex is a certified muscle boy, so that's why he gets to flex like this:

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Trent Novak

Not long ago I had a post about fitness model Will Grant who wrestled for Thunders Arena as Jackson.  It made me think about some of the other fitness models who have graced us with their presence in the world of wrestling.  One in particular that came to mind is Trent Novak who wrestled at Rock Hard Wrestling a few years ago.  Here he is looking particularly studly as he bodyslams and racks some of his competition.  It's a shame that Trent appeared only in a few matches.  I wish there had been more of the dude in the ring.  He's just my size, too.  I would have loved to wrestle him.  Anyway, even though Rock Hard Wrestling billed him as making a splash in the fitness model industry, my only exposure to him is through RHW.  Can anyone shed any light on the state of his modeling career outside the ring?  If we can locate him, maybe we can convince him to step back out onto the wrestling mat.  Trent, your fans are calling for you!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Joshua Armstrong

Every once in a while I get a nice surprise in my email when some muscle dude sends me a picture I can use in my blog.  The other day I got such an email from British bodybuilder Joshua Armstrong.  At 6 feet and 210 pounds, the hench lad is built like a brick shithouse (as they like to say in England).  Talk about biceps.  This tough looking dude could give the screaming abdabs to any wrestling opponent just by flexing his arms.  Joshua truly deserves the name Armstrong.  No doubt he is strong enough to gorilla press almost any dude out there, but Joshua astounded me by saying this picture is HIM being pressed overhead.  Holy fuck.  What kind of beast does he hang out with?  Hopefully we will get to see more.

If you like big guys who enjoy flexing and showing off their muscles, then you should check out Joshua Armstrong's website.  There are plenty of muscle videos posted and he's available for Skype.  And if you are lucky enough to be in England, you might even be able to arrange a meeting with him. . . . You know, I really need to plan that vacation to Europe . . .

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Cyber Monday at Thunders Arena

A second post in two days?!  You must think Christmas is early!  Well, not quite, but Christmas is just around the corner, so it's time to take care of shopping.  As best as I can, I avoid the mobs and lunatics on Black Friday, but I do look forward to Cyber Monday, and this year it will be extra special.  Thunders Arena has announced a one day sale of a special wrestling match featuring Frey (also known as Austin Cooper) and new guy Eagle.  MONDAY ONLY!  So you better act fast.  I was lucky to catch a sneak preview of the match, and it's a good one.  Eagle is a great find for TA and will fit in well on the roster.  At 5' 11" and 190 pounds (I would have guessed well over 200), the dude is an Indiana state champion wrestler and male model.  What boy doesn't dream of being a champion wrestler AND a model when he grows up?  Eagle has it all.  He knows he's good looking and loves to flex his biceps, which are required qualities for a champion wrestler.  In his match against Frey, I like how Eagle sports a pair of yellow squarecut shorts on the mat.  I think it compliments his masculine, wrestling-jock image.  And throughout the match, he frequently mocks Frey for wearing "panties".  Of course, Frey is no one's fool.  Both Eagle's boxer briefs and Frey's panties are on full display when Frey scoops Eagle up and cracks his spine with an otk backbreaker (a move that Frey always does so well).  There are plenty of other good moves, holds, and action in this match, so you don't want to miss it.  MONDAY ONLY!

I have to admit that I'm excited to see what TA has in store for us with this new wrestler on its roster, and I hope it includes Eagle bodyslamming, gorilla pressing, and backbreaking many opponents.  He's got the makings of a certified muscle boy.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Dominic vs Viggo

Can you believe that it's been almost two years since I last featured Dominic in a post?  He may be my favorite wrestler from Thunders Arena.  He's a strong, powerful dude at 5' 9" and 205 pounds.  His muscles are not just for show.  Dominic puts them to good use when he steps onto the wrestling mat.  Here he is in a match earlier this year facing off against Viggo.  Both wrestlers are phenomenally conditioned, but the taller Viggo gives up a 25 pound advantage to Dominic.  The difference is all muscle, and with that extra muscle, Dominic does what he does best, which is dominate.

Friday, November 20, 2015


For the last year Thunders Arena has really been giving one of it's new wrestlers a hard workout.  Marco is a wrestler from Pennsylvania who made his way down to Florida to join the roster at TA.  He's 5' 8" and 180 pounds, and from the video clips and pictures I've seen, he knows how to handle himself on a wrestling mat.  Marco is looking pretty studly in that third picture as he presses Bolt overhead.  Be sure to check out all his matches at the Thunders Arena's website.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Will Grant

Sorry, I know it's been a month since my last post.  It's been hard for me lately to update the blog unless something gets my attention.  And luckily something has.  I may have mentioned before how much I like it when fitness models get into wrestling.  I think it's only natural.  As a model, your fit body is your main asset, and you show it off wearing as little as possible.  That's not a whole lot different than wrestling, to be honest.  A few years back there was a muscular fitness model named Will Grant, looking stunning as he modeled underwear, swim suits, and spandex shorts.  Most of you probably recognize him as Jackson from Thunders Arena.  Wrestling provided Will with another venue to show off his muscle bound physique.  He only appears in a few matches, unfortunately, but one match in particular Will proves himself to be a true muscle stud by gorilla pressing Angel over his head.  Of course, there's a flip side to getting into wrestling at a place like TA.  There's usually going to be a bigger muscle dude eager to show off how strong he is, which Will finds out the hard way in a match against the hulking STL.  I say the hard way, but even as he gets pressed overhead himself, it looks like Will is having fun. I would too if I were in his position.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Columbus Day

Today is Columbus Day!  I'm sure all you dudes are celebrating it in appropriate fashion.  Although Columbus represented the Spanish crown, lived much of his life in Spain, and even died there, a lot of places in the U.S. use Columbus Day to celebrate Italian-American culture.  I always thought that was kind of odd, but whatever.  It's different in Spanish speaking counties.  If you are in Spain, today is Dia de la Hispanidad, which a friend tells me loosely translates to "Hispanic brotherhood".  And what better way to celebrate Hispanic brotherhood than a wrestling match?  After all, brothers do like to fight and wrestle around a lot.  A recent match at Thunders Arena featured the 6' 3" and 220 pound Lupe facing off against our favorite (and much smaller) wrestler, Zack Vazquez.  As you can tell from the pics above, it looks like the Zman takes a beating, but since the bigger brother usually wins these kind of things, that should come as no surprise here.  TA bills Lupe as the "Latino lover" and describes the match as "a hotblooded blowup between Cubanismo and Mexicano-hasta-las-cachas, with Zman promising to send Lupe's ass back to Telemundo."  Hispanic brotherhood indeed.  I better put an end to this post soon before the PC thought police shut me down.