Sunday, July 29, 2018

Muscleboys in Singlets

I love seeing a good looking dude in a wrestling ring.  And what's better than that?  It's when the good looking dude is a muscleboy.  And what's better than a good looking muscleboy in a wrestling ring?  How about when the muscleboy is wearing a wrestling singlet?  Can it possibly get any better than this? 

Of course it can get better!  It's when the good looking muscleboy in the wrestling singlet crotchlifts a lean dude into the air, then brings him down and snaps his spine with an over the knee backbreaker.  It doesn't get much better than that!

A special thanks to Dashing Dustin and muscleboy Joey Nux at Wrestler4Hire for today's demonstration.  Looks like Dustin just couldn't wait for Joey to scoop him up.  I feel the same way.  Great work guys!

Thursday, July 26, 2018


Scrappy has been part of the underground internet wrestling scene for a few years now after making his appearance at Thunders Arena.  While the dude is thickly muscled, at TA he seems to face much bigger opponents, and more often than not his role there is to be the boy toy for larger bodybuilders.  But Scrappy also wrestles at Wrestler4Hire where much of the competition is either closer to his size or smaller, which gives Scrappy a better opportunity to show us just what he's capable of.  Still, when I saw that W4H posted a recent match of Scrappy against Austin Cooper, I figured this would be another match where Scrappy is made to suffer by a bigger heel.  Boy, was I wrong.  First off, the 23 year old Scrappy is billed at W4H as 5' 7" and 165 pounds.  I'm gonna call bullshit on that, at least the weight.  Scrappy is bulging with muscles, and I'd say he's at least 180 pounds.  And given how he manhandles the beefier Austin Cooper in this match, Scrappy looks even bigger than that.

The set up for this match is that Austin slept with Scrappy's girlfriend, and Scrappy is looking for some vengeance.  As an aside, we've seen the "you messed with my girlfriend" wrestling theme used before.  It's not a bad set up for a match, but why not have two masculine dudes mix it up in the ring because one guy messed with the other guy's boyfriend?  To be honest, I would have enjoyed this match better if that had been the case.  But only marginally better, because there was so much I fucking loved about this match.

I think what appeals to me about this match is that it's the teacher (Austin) against the student (Scrappy).  Austin reminds Scrappy that he's the one who trained him.  But as the wrestling begins, it's clear that the student has surpassed the teacher.  Scrappy is young, cocky, musclebound.  And while Austin is no pushover himself, he's a bit older and thicker now, no longer the young ripped stud we saw when he debuted at Rock Hard Wrestling many years ago.  This is no knock on Austin (he's one of my favorites), but seeing the young musclestud in Scrappy dominate the seasoned Austin is what makes this match for me.  It's kind of strange that I feel this way since my guess is that I'm not that much older than Austin (ok, maybe a little older than that).  But it's the youth of Scrappy dominating the older Austin that gets me going in this match.  So what's the best highlight?  Is it when Scrappy briefly presses Austin over his head before throwing him across the ring?  There's no more alpha wrestling move than a gorilla press, and Scrappy definitely makes a statement (i.e., Austin is his bitch) when he does so.

But there's more.  So much more.  It seems like Austin spends at least half this match in the air as the young Scrappy puts his muscles to good use by repeatedly lifting and carrying his mentor around the ring.  When Scrappy scoops Austin off the mat and performs arm curls before bodyslamming the older wrestler, that's pretty fucking awesome, too.  But is that the best moment of the match?

Maybe it's when Scrappy gets Austin in a torture rack and carries him around the ring.  I think this move puts Scrappy's physique on display, showing off his powerful chest and broad shoulders.  He also sports a cocky, confident expression.  The smooth muscles and the expression along with the pierced ears and blond highlights make the young wrestler look like a bad ass punk.  The groaning and moaning coming from the struggling Austin with his body across Scrappy's muscular shoulders only accentuates the younger wrestler's dominance.  There's no doubt that youth is in control.

In the end, there's just too much good stuff in this match for me to be able to point out one moment in particular as the highlight.  This match is all about the young musclestud Scrappy, who clearly revels in his masculine domination over the older opponent.  I guess that in a nutshell is the highlight for me.

Time to move over, Austin.  There's a new muscleboy in town.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Beach Wrestling

I remember several years ago when USA Wrestling began promoting competitive beach wrestling.  Beach volleyball had been popular for years, so why not do the same thing for wrestling?  It's a warm summer day, rolling around with another dude on the beach.  Sand up your nose.  Tiny pebbles in your hair.  Little shell fragments embedded in your back.  What's not fun about that?  I have to admit that wrestling on the beach in Florida or California is probably a lot more fun than on the shores of Lake Michigan, but hey, who am I to complain about another excuse to wrestle?  Anyway, beach wrestling is still going strong, and not just amateur style.  Wrestler4Hire has an awesome beach wrestling match that features Brad Barnes, who is one my absolute favorite wrestlers.  Brad's opponent in this one is Jake Steele, who at 6' 1" seems to tower over our bodybuilder hero.  But given Brad's thick muscles, both wrestlers are close in weight.  At the beginning of the match, Jake brags about his prowess in yoga.  Umm, yoga?  How much do you think yoga is going to help out Jake in hand to hand beach combat against Brad?  Based on these screen caps from the match, I think you get the picture.  W4H says about Jake that he's a fitness guru and jock who enjoys trying new things.  After his run in with our muscleboy Brad, I don't think Jake will be trying any more wrestling.

Dude, I gotta hang out at the beach more!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Pretty Boys

Here are some scenes from a custom wrestling match at Spotland Scrappers called Bridge 2 Far.  This is another "slam and bridge" themed match, like the one I posted about a few weeks ago called Building Bridges, which featured Sam Smiler and LJ Silva.  The stars of today's match here are smaller guys Sammy Scrapper and Franky Dare.  I think compared to the beefier Sam Smiler and LJ Silva, Sammy and Franky here fall into the category of "pretty boys" at Spotland Scrappers.  Sure, they aren't like the faces we get to see wrestling at places like Muscleboy Wrestling or Wrestler4Hire.  But in the world of British style pro-wrestling, which brings to my mind images of pasty, flabby, and toothless skin-headed dudes, Sammy and Franky easily qualify as pretty boys.  And Sammy shows that you can be both a pretty boy and a heel as he dominates Franky for most of this match.  This is another good production by Spotland Scrappers for those of us who like lift and carry wrestling.

Pretty Boy Sammy Scrapper gets carried away as he carries Franky away.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Chris Cannon

Chris Cannon at Muscleboy Wrestling.  I gotta admit, I really like this guy.   The 24 year old is 6 feet tall and 185 pounds.  With stats like that, a dude can be a wrestler or a basketball player.  Lucky for us, Cannon chooses wrestler.  Here we see him in a match against JT Atlas.  JT is only 5' 5" and 140 pounds, so he's at a big disadvantage sizewise against the larger Cannon.  But JT can turn some heads himself with his ripped physique, which is on nice display in this match while adorned in those white wrestling trunks.  But we all know going into this that JT is going to have his hands full with Chris Cannon. 

Actually, it's Cannon who literally has his hands full of JT.  I really enjoyed this match, watching these studs going at it hard.  What better way is there to celebrate Independence Day than to have two All-American dudes giving it their all in combat on a wrestling mat?  Chris Cannon is the real show here, entertaining us with bodyslams, torture racks, bearhugs, and piledrivers, proving in the end that he's all wrestler.  I bet JT is the one seeing fireworks after this one is over.

Two words . . . WOW!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Bodyslamming Beefcakes - Brian Cage

Most of you probably follow Bruno's blog at Beefcakes of Wrestling.  He's got good stuff, and I like to check it out myself.  I also like to borrow his "beefcake" theme every once in awhile, so that's what I'm doing today with a post featuring Brian Cage.  He's about six feet tall, 260 pounds, and totally musclebound, so Cage definitely meets the definition of a beefcake wrestler (and seeing how often Bruno has featured this guy on his blog, Bruno thinks so, too).  Cage wrestles a lot on the indy circuit.  In fact, I just saw him put on an impressive show the other night on Impact Wrestling.  But he's no stranger to underground wrestling on the internet, making appearances at Thunders Arena and Wrestler4Hire (as Barry Burke).  One of the things I like about W4H is how it features a lot of "regular" dudes, the type who are jocks but you won't normally see in a pro wrestling federation.  Can you imagine being a guy like that, showing up at W4H one day, and then finding out you're gonna perform in the ring against Brian Cage?  Holy shit!  Lucky for us, Cage likes to step into the ring and play around with these dudes.  After all, what else is a wrestling beefcake going to do?

But don't think it's just a walk in the park.  Brian will tell you, it's not always easy being a beefcake!