Sunday, July 1, 2018

Bodyslamming Beefcakes - Brian Cage

Most of you probably follow Bruno's blog at Beefcakes of Wrestling.  He's got good stuff, and I like to check it out myself.  I also like to borrow his "beefcake" theme every once in awhile, so that's what I'm doing today with a post featuring Brian Cage.  He's about six feet tall, 260 pounds, and totally musclebound, so Cage definitely meets the definition of a beefcake wrestler (and seeing how often Bruno has featured this guy on his blog, Bruno thinks so, too).  Cage wrestles a lot on the indy circuit.  In fact, I just saw him put on an impressive show the other night on Impact Wrestling.  But he's no stranger to underground wrestling on the internet, making appearances at Thunders Arena and Wrestler4Hire (as Barry Burke).  One of the things I like about W4H is how it features a lot of "regular" dudes, the type who are jocks but you won't normally see in a pro wrestling federation.  Can you imagine being a guy like that, showing up at W4H one day, and then finding out you're gonna perform in the ring against Brian Cage?  Holy shit!  Lucky for us, Cage likes to step into the ring and play around with these dudes.  After all, what else is a wrestling beefcake going to do?

But don't think it's just a walk in the park.  Brian will tell you, it's not always easy being a beefcake!

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