Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Angel

Hey dudes!  Christmas may have been a few days ago, but the season still continues.  So in keeping with the holiday spirit, here are some action shots from Thunders Arena's Christmas Chaos 2012, featuring a match up of little Angel against Big Sexy.  It's really Angel that I'm featuring here.  I have long been a fan of the little guy because despite his small size, he's got a mouthy attitude and is a great fighter.  But he's got his hands full with Big Sexy in this match.  Actually, from these pics, I should say that Big Sexy has his hands full of Angel.

Wrestlers are tough guys who show no mercy and love to take out their aggression on other dudes.  But at least Big Sexy still maintains a cheery holiday spirit in this match as he tries to put the Angel on top of the Christmas tree.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Mohawk

Wrestlers like to promote their individuality, and one way to do so is through hairstyle.  I remember back in high school we all dyed our hair blond at the beginning of one season.  Of course, if every guy on the team colored his hair the same, was that really an expression of individualism?  Anyway, we thought it was cool.  But there's one hairstyle that I saw back when I was a kid and still see today in wrestling, and that's the Mohawk.  I can't think of a whole team who wore the style, but there were always a few dudes each season who sported the look.  The Mohawk usually is worn as a symbol of non-conformity and adds a little charisma to the dude who's wearing it.  I think it's a good look for a wrestler.  Modeling the Mohawk for us today is Dakota Bravo from Underground Championship Wrestling in a match where he tosses little Hiro around for our enjoyment.  I have to admit, the Mohawk adds a little extra flavor of bad ass to his bodyslams.  Thanks Dakota!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Wrestlers of Christmas Past

Thunders Arena is the place to go if you are looking for that perfect gift for your fellow wrestling fan.  Right now TA is promoting its Christmas Chaos series, which is a collection of holiday themed wrestling matches from the past several years.  What better way to celebrate Christmas than to watch TA superstar Dominic in action?  If I put together a top ten list of my favorite wrestlers, Dominic definitely would be on it.  It's been a while since he has appeared in a new match, so it's nice to see some of his old contests.  At top he gives Austin Cooper a friendly ride in the 2014 edition of Christmas Chaos.  But it's in Christmas Chaos 2011 that the action really heats up when Dominic faces off against the smaller Octane.  Dominic is at his best, and Octane gets a Christmas memory he'll never forget. 

The muscleboy gives us an extra special double bi flex as he wishes all his fans a very happy holiday season.  Thanks Dominic!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Tis the Season for Wrestling

Most people think of early December as the start of the Christmas season, but for many high school and college athletes around the country, it's the beginning of wrestling season!  This fact is not lost on Matt Meadlock and Lorenzo Smalls at No Rules Wrestling.  Recently the two dudes strapped on singlets and jumped into the ring for a good old fashion freestyle wrestling match.  Here we see Matt Meadlock being aggressive, scoring two points with a nice takedown.  Then he goes on to expose Lorenzo for backpoints, earning three more points with the move (funny, I don't remember OTK backbreakers being legal when I was in school).  It's short time Lorenzo!  Work the escape!

On another topic, while the temps are getting cold up here in the States, things are heating up in Singapore.  Our good buddies Andruew Tang and Destroyer Dharma (along with their stablemate Trexxus) are primed for action at Singapore Pro Wrestling this weekend with Wrestle the Odds II.   Too bad I'm over 9000 miles away, or I'd be there to watch the combat.  These guys are not lacking in confidence and look tough to beat.  I can hardly wait to see how things turn out for our heroes. 

Friday, December 2, 2016

Making a Statement

I enjoy posting about wrestlers from Internet websites like Thunders Arena, Rock Hard Wrestling, and other places.  But I have to admit that my favorite posts are about unknown wrestlers I happen to stumble across.  A great example of this is the post I did earlier in the year about "The Statement" Andruew Tang from Singapore Pro Wrestling.  I don't know what you guys thought about that post, but I really enjoyed researching the dude, looking for action photos, and checking out his matches.  As best as I can gather, Andruew was instrumental in getting SPW up and running, and he appears to be a driving force in its ongoing activity today.  Following "The Statement" has even led me to other great wrestlers from Southeast Asia, including Destroyer Dharma who I blogged about just a few days ago.  I love seeing these dudes wrestle because it is sooooo much more entertaining than what you see in WWE.  Sure, there are manufactured storylines and silly drama, but most of it plays out in the ring along with some really entertaining action.  One thing I really like about The Statement is that he's a very small dude in the world of pro wrestling, but he is total heel.  Andruew is jacked, cocky, arrogant, and has an oversized sense of himself, but unlike other little dudes with Napolean complexes, Andruew totally backs it up in the ring, as you can see from these match photos I have posted here.  A TOTAL BADASS!!!

Anyway, I highly recommend that you check this little dude out. He's well worth the price of admission.  The last photo comes from a match against Japanese wrestler Michael Nakawaza, which you can see here.  But be warned.  The Statement cautions that it is a racy, adult-oriented contest.  He describes it as the most controversial match he has ever done and please don't try this at home . . . except maybe in the bedroom!  Some of the action is a bit too much for me to post on my family oriented blog.  And I don't recommend watching it while eating dinner like I did tonight.  Ugh!