Monday, May 27, 2019

Spartan Warrior

I'm sure you all know that Marco from Thunders Arena started his own wrestling production company called Underground Wrestler.  I'm just getting around to checking it out.  I know, bad on me for taking so long.  But I think I picked a good time to see what UW has to offer.  A recent addition to its roster is one of my favorite wrestlers, Tanner Hill (who goes by the name Cena at UW).  Tanner made a name for himself at Rock Hard Wrestling at 88 Wrestling, and I'm stoked to see him expanding his portfolio by wrestling for Marco's company.  Recently released is a match called War of Empires featuring Tanner/Cena against Kasee, another dude I like to see wrestle.  It starts with both guys in costume, ready to do battle.  I like the costume idea.  A big feature of pro-style wrestling is role playing, so I like how this match tips its hat to that concept.  Have one wrestler dress up like a Spartan Warrior?  I like!  Have that Spartan Warrior be Tanner Hill?  I really really like!

The role-playing and costumes really don't overpower this match.  Instead, it just adds a little extra flavor to it.  Kasee is dressed in an emperor's robe, and after a few moments of playful sword fighting, the robe gets ripped off.  Tanner mocks Kasee for wearing a dress while Kasee whines about losing his favorite robe.  After that it's all wrestling.  But while Kasee looks like any other wrestler at this point, Tanner remains in his Spartan warrior outfit.  Wow.  As I said above, I like.  And I think Tanner likes it, too.  It seems to give him just a little bit of extra swagger (as if he needs any).  Tanner goes Spartan warrior all over Kasee's ass in this match.  Of course, I've learned that you never count Kasee out, but this match is like many of his others where Kasee almost seems to offer his body up to his opponent.  You know, I think Kasee likes Tanner in his Spartan warrior costume, too, especially late in the match when the Spartan scoops him up and delivers a glorious OTK backbreaker.  Well, to be honest, I can't be sure Kasee actually enjoyed it, but I sure loved it.  Wow.

Tanner Hill in a wrestling match dressed as a Spartan warrior . . . I hate to say it out loud, but this is the stuff of fantasies.  And to help out your own personal fantsies, here are some more pics of our favorite Spartan wrestler:

That's right, Tanner.  Flex those big biceps of yours like the Spartan muscleboy you are!

Lucky for us, it being Backbreaker Monday, Tanner is happy to oblige us by showing how a bad-ass Greek warrior gets it done:

Over the knee backbreaker . . . Spartan-style!

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Zman and the "Dad Bod"

It was about a year ago that the "Dad Bod" was all the rage.  Personally I didn't get it.  But what got me thinking about it again was a recent match from 88 Wrestling featuring one of my all-time favorite wrestlers, Zack Jonathan.  His real name is Zack Vazquez, and of course, we know him better as the Zman.  The dude has been around the wrestling ring for years.  It was three years ago when I paid tribute to his ten year anniversary as a star in the world of underground wrestling.  At the time I figured Zman's wrestling days were numbered, but he just keeps coming back.  Cameron Matthews once commented about how much he liked working with Zman because the guy just loves to wrestle.  Zman loves any opportunity to be in the ring.  That's good news for us, because I love seeing Zman in the ring. 

So, this recent match at 88 Wrestling has Zman facing off against a newcomer named Jake Mason.  88 Wrestling describes the match up as "an intriguing dichotomy between two wrestlers at opposite ends of the spectrum in their wrestling careers."  Sounds like 88 Wrestling has some new college grad writing up its match summaries, but in this case it's pretty much on point.  Jake is just a kid with his pale, smooth body, which while athletic still looks like it's at least a few years away from its full physical potential.  It's not hard to imagine the peach fuzz on the newbie's face.  This contrasts with the seasoned veteran we have in Zman, with a face full of manly stubble and a tanned, shredded physique.  I mean seriously, has Zman ever looked better than this?  I don't know if Zman is a father or not, but looking at these two wrestlers, it's not too far fetched to imagine Zman being old enough to be Jake's father (assuming a young teenaged Zman sowing some wild oats in his high school days, perhaps).  That's why I'm stunned about how amazing Zman still looks.  That's the kind of "dad bod" I want to talk about!  Holy fuck!  And with age comes experience, which Zman uses to his advantage early in the match to school Jake in the world of underground wrestling.  As Zman dominates Jake with bodyslams, bearhugs, and abdominal stretches, you can't help but shout out "Whose your daddy!" to the computer screen to taunt the suffering kid.

Yet, as glorious as Zman's "dad bod" is, age does eventually come at a cost.  How long can a seasoned veteran last against the seemingly limitless energy of youth?  Jake may just be a kid, but stamina and endurance work in his favor, so don't count him out just yet.

Several years ago I was wondering if it was time to mark the end of Zman's wrestling career, but here we are in 2019, and the stud is still going strong.  I've learned not to count the Zman out yet, either.

The "Dad Bod" faces the onslaught of Youth.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Scrappy the Heel

A few weeks ago Muscleboy Wrestling released a new slate of matches, and I was glad to see Scrappy make another appearance.  These days, Scrappy is a hot commodity in the world of underground wrestling, and this really gives the blond muscleboy the opportunity to show off  his versitility as a wrestler.  For instance, at Thunders Arena, despite his powerful build Scrappy often finds himself in the jobber role against much bigger dudes.  But MBW gives Scrappy the opportunity to be a heel.  We saw that before in his awesome match against Dante, who has got some good size himself.  In the new release of matches, it gets even better for Scrappy because he gets to impose the full force of his 175 pound physique against Joey McCoy, who weighs in at a mere 135 pounds.  I'll give McCoy some credit for not being a total pushover in this match.  But to be honest, those extra forty pounds of muscle makes all the difference for Scrappy.  I love power moves by muscle boys, and Scrappy does not disappoint.  At times he revels in his superiority.  When you're full of muscles and have a forty pound advantage, there's no question that you got to gorilla press the other dude.  So Scrappy presses McCoy overhead.  Repeatedly.  Wow.  This is what I want to see out of a guy like Scrappy.

But as much as I love watching a dude press a scrawny loser overhead, I like the over-the-knee backbreaker even more.  And we get to enjoy watching Scrappy break McCoy's back over his knee.  Over and over.  And this really is an opportunity for an alpha stud like Scrappy show off his body.  You can't help but notice Scrappy's big traps, bulging biceps and triceps, his powerful pecs, and all the while McCoy is sprawled across his master's knee, his broken body offered up like a human sacrifice to the muscle god that is Scrappy.  No wonder Scrappy looks so happy in this match.

Scrappy is the Happy Heel.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Kasee Likes It

I'm still trying to figure out Kasee of Thunders Arena.  To borrow a phrase from my grandfather, Kasee is a real piece of work.  He was all kinds of goofy and playfulness in his matches against Scrappy.  I thought maybe it was just a thing Kasee had for Scrappy, but here we see him at it again in his Vegas Battles 59 match against Jake.  The blond bodybuilder Jake has got a good twenty pounds of extra muscle to lord over Kasee, and Kasee doesn't seem to mind letting Jake do so.  As the match begins, muscleboy Jake already has Kasee ready for an overhead press.  We're not sure how we got to this point, but Jake seems to be punishing Kasee for something he's already done.  Kasee keeps saying he's sorry for whatever it was, but Jake is not moved by the apologies.  He just wants to dish out punish and make Kasee pay for whatever it was he did.  And for most of the match, Kasee really doesn't seem to mind being Jake's whipping boy.  At one point, Jake taunts Kasee and says, "I think you like it."  That's when it hit me.  Kasee likes it.  When Jake holds him over his heaad, Kasee likes it.  When Jake gets him in a fireman's carry, Kasee likes it.  When Jake crushes his head between his massive thighs, Kasee likes it.  So, that's really all we need to know about Kasee when he's being punished on the wrestling mat.  He just likes it.

You know, I think Jake likes it, too.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

No Mercy

There's a match at Thunders Arena from earlier this year featuring Scrappy and Kasee.  I've been sitting on it for a while trying to figure out just what to say about it.  It's Kasee, really, that I'm struggling with.  I mean, what's up with Kasee?  I can't quite figure him out.  This isn't the first match from TA between these two wrestlers.  I blogged about the other one, talking mostly about how Kasee treated the match as just fun and games.  In that first match, it looked like Scrappy really didn't know how to react to Kasee.  The touching, the flirting, the goofy grins . . . Scrappy seemed to be caught off guard by it, and in the end he paid for it.  Here in their second match up, it looks like Kasee wants to pick up where he left off, but this time Scrappy is prepared.  Kasee maybe wants to play mind games and put Scrappy on his heels by wearing the skimpiest of wrestling gear, but our little blond muscleboy won't fall victim to Kasee's shenanigans in this match.  He shows no mercy.  Kasee never stands a chance against Scrappy who is in total beast mode.  The repeated over-the-knee backbreakers is enough to sell me on this match, but there's so much more to love about it, especially if you enjoy a wrestling match where one young jacked muscle dude totally squashes another.  Scrappy usually doesn't get to be the heel at Thunders Arena, but he gets to showcase his heel persona in this match.  I like it.

This may be Thunders Arena, but Scrappy is all Muscleboy.

For more photos and commentary about this match, check out Joe at Ringside.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Wrestling Is Taxing Business

I've been trying to work on my taxes but am having a hard time keeping focused.  My most recent distraction is a new wrestling match from Wrestler4Hire that features Christian Thorn against Rolf Fulton and Trenton Ducati.  This is one of those two-on-one matches that I have talked about in other posts.  Christian has got a great physique with impressive muscles, but with his small stature there's no doubt this is going to be a two-on-one beat down by the much larger Rolf and Trenton.  The dictionary defines "taxing" to mean "physically or mentally demanding."  And that's exactly what wrestling is in this match, especially for Christian.  If you enjoy watching a small muscleboy get beaten by two bigger guys, then this match is for you.

Christian gets audited for using Form 2106 to claim his trunks as a business expense.