Monday, August 5, 2013

Jocks and Wrestling

There's a new match at Rock Hard Wrestling that's worth checking out.  It's a tag team match with Alex Waters and Brodie Fisher going up against Brian Baker and Josh Steel.  Alex and Brodie appear in wrestling singlets.  A nice touch.  Brodie sets the tone early for the match by bodyslamming Brian Baker (at least I think it's Brodie - he and Alex look alike).  This is no small feat because Baker outweighs Brodie by over 30 pounds.  According to RHW, Baker has no wrestling experience, but he was a college athlete.  This made me think back to high school where a lot of dudes who played other sports wanted to wrestle me.  Maybe it's the muscles and testosterone that make most jocks think they can wrestle, but they usually learned pretty fast that a wresler is a different breed of jock.  My wrestling matches with these dudes who played football or baseball or ran track did not have the drama of a RHW match, but it never took too long before I put these guys on their back for a pin, which I then followed with some body crushing python hold just to let them know what wrestling was all about.  So, seeing "athlete" Brian Baker wrestling Brodie Fisher brought back these memories.  At least with the first bodyslam, Baker obviously is outmatched, despite his big size advantage.  I love that look of confusion on Baker's face as Brodie takes a hold of his crotch to lift him up.  If you're not a wrestler, then you're probably not going to react too well to being held like that.  And Baker has no idea what to do as Brodie carries him around the ring, clearly not expecting to be manhandled like this.  Brian Baker may know how to spike a volleyball and throw a javelin, but that doesn't make him a wrestler.

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  1. since we are never going to see these guys in a real match, it's all about who puts on the best show and so far Baker wins with his overhead press of Luke Harrison.