Saturday, June 9, 2018

Rex Bedford

This is my first post featuring a match from 88 Wrestling, and it is long overdue.  By way of background, I was inspired to start my blog several years ago by the action I saw in wrestling matches being produced on the internet.  Among the producers out there at the time, Rock Hard Wrestling was my favorite.  I liked the pro-style, ring-based action, and I loved the talent it featured.  RHW's wrestlers were the best fratboy cocky muscle jocks in the business.  They gave me some of my favorite wrestlers, such as Cody Nelson and Brodie Fisher.  RHW also gave us studs like Austin Cooper and Jake Jenkins who have gone on to wrestle for other companies and have become icons of the underground wrestling scene in their own right.  So I was disappointed when production at RHW began grinding to a halt a couple of years ago.  But lucky for us, RHW did not totally go away, but instead it is now re-branded as 88 Wrestling.  And also lucky for us, it still features the fratboy muscle jocks I love to see wrestle. 

At the moment, I have to say that my favorite wrestler at 88 is Rex Bedford.  He's got the looks of an All-American jock that I love to see in the ring.  Rex also has a confident, cocky attitude (which comes out in his interview with Joe at Ringside), and that just makes him even more likeable.  Above are some pics of a recent match at 88 Wrestling featuring Rex going up against Chase Lundquist.  At 5' 7" and 160 pounds, Rex looks to be at a disadvantage to the 5' 11" and 170 pound Chase.  But don't tell that to Rex.  Not only is he cocky, but Rex can back it up in the ring.  Chase is a stud in his own right, and I look forward to seeing more of his wrestling at 88, but in this match, Rex is all alpha.  If anything, Chase's size advantage is just a challenge to Rex to see how many times he can bodyslam him.

Beast wrestling stud . . . cocky muscleboy . . . Rex Bedford is the total package.

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