Sunday, January 1, 2012

Rio Garza Revisited

A year ago my first post in 2011 featured BG East wrestler Rio Garza, and I wondered whether we would get to see a more agressive wrestler in the new year or if he would continue to be a whipping boy. Well, twelve months later, it looks like he has continued to be a whipping boy. Here are a couple of more good bodyslam photos of Garza, but they look like they come from the same match I featured last year. I guess those who follow BG East love to see Garza get the crap beaten out of him on a regular basis. Personally, I don't get it. He's got a good masculine, musclebound stud look about him, and I would enjoy seeing him dish out some bodyslamming and backbreaking punishment on another dude. But that's just my preference, and I guess it's not meant to be. Maybe we'll check in with him again next January to see how he's come along.

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